And the ride down the slippery slope begins

Worst BHU I have ever seen or dealt with

Its time for a full blown all out tax payer rebellion in Washington County ! Taxes vs services here compared to other areas are insane Im curious how taxes on the huge apartment complexes compare also

It was so bad we just left without getting in Great Escape goes down hill and prices go uphill every year

And how many good people have left because of the Toxic work environment ? Three nurses in my family plus a dozen or so friends and that just ones I know

And did any heads roll over this mess, and did the higher ups enjoy bonuses during this time ?

I would chance death and drive anyplace else before I would enter the doors of GFH ER

Great job Bill !l It was such a beautiful building to be wasting away

More Big Brother in our lives

Its all about the money simple as that Government has ceased to serve the people that elected them years ago

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