There is starting to be a track record here. Open something and close it down if it does not turn the profit he wants. He did the same with having the ice in at the Forum. It was not making "enough" money, and then he closed it down.

I have been told the owners are the ones that are completing the renovations of the former Wallie's in Greenwich.

This is another example of the dysfunction in this village. A business that is thriving, has a crisis, and the community rallies to support its new location. Too bad the village board can't do the same. I wish Common Roots would stick to the board and take their business to another commun…

She also was the organist for the Adirondack Red Wings for many years.

This just screams, "not in my back yard!"

A BOE meeting at 7:30 in the morning, in the main office? This screams of something the district does not want the public to attend...

Not impressed when someone who makes north of $130,000 donates $30 in milk.

As someone that uses the facility twice a week for hockey, there is very limited space for another large locker room. It would have to be at the other end of the building...

At what point does FE decide to become part of Hudson Falls? The local tax base can only pay so much.

This entire community seems to be a mess. Anything to get a buck and balance the books.

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