All they got was $10k from Robbing 5 banks? pretty Pathetic for the thieves and the banks.

All these environmental groups are a scam, about time they started arrested them!

We had less of a Obesity problem when schools had smoking areas for students, back in the days when Gym Teachers smoked in their offices and kids could legally play dodge ball.

Abacab commented on Methadone clinic blocked

The truth is...the US Govt is responsible for nearly all the Heroin currently in the United states. They actively help grow and harvest the poppys (Geraldo Rivera interviewed troops on fox news about it) and The Military and CIA are smuggling it into the country, also a story on main stream …

Always good to pepper spray people with mental problem...they always respond so well to that!!

Why would you want Marijuana illegal? I wish they would make cigarettes illegal like pot so I could easily by Cheap Untaxed Cigarettes without the FSC Govt. Mandated Chemicals in them off high school kids. They now arrest old people bringing home a few cartons of Cigarettes! Better to pay a …

The courts and lawyers make a fortune off repeat drunk drivers, they love them, of course they will do what they can to keep him driving some way.

Actually if you search "Geraldo Rivera Afghanistan poppy fields", Geraldo interviews the Soldiers guarding and helping to grow the poppy fields, it's not a big secret anymore. They even admit they bring the drugs to America and the drug enforcement is done here by arresting America…

The way people drive around here, I think half of them are blind already. Don't worry, you don't need to see to drive.
Once saw a guy park in the Handicap parking spot and get out and use a Blind Mans cane!

I agree with Sparkler, Low levels of pot would have nothing to do with his death, they just add it in to scare kids. I'm sure he will be added to their bogus statistics of people who marijuana killed even though he had a 0.16 percent BAC. If the drinking age was 18, he would still be alive. …

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