Well said. I am hoping and praying that the good citizens of the 21st wake up and smell the coffee and vote her out of office next November. We deserve better than her.

Well that's hilarious...Elsie complaining that she's the victim of sexism when her party, the Repugnicants are waging a war on women and she voted against the VAWA act because it would take guns away from the abusers...have you been measured for your white hat and red cape yet baby? You t…

My incredulity is boundless that Harvard educated Elsie has become a mindless Trumpanzee Rupublican. I'm praying that the voters in the 21st show her the door in 2020.

She's bribed to do so by the NRA so it's not that she interested in American's rights...she's in it for the money,

That's an easy question $$$$$ wins every time around here....people be damned...

Rest in peace sweet angel.

Why don't you give Dave and his blushing bride a call and they can get married in YOUR church or better yet YOUR backyard...if you are so forgiving of an admitted pedophile..

Asking Trump to enforce an Environmental LAW?. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

As if ! What planet are you living on Elsie? A dying one thanks to your buddy in the WH.

Yes, yes it IS worth it for her!

Totally agree... Her highly orchestrated and curated "persona" has been ripped away to reveal what she truly is. Conniving, lying, bullying, heartless...the list goes on and on. We must keep fighting and working to vote her out of office. And we must protect those she and her sycophants a…

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