Welcome, viewers, to our first live blog of the Thunder hockey season!

It's Marvel uniform day, so the Thunder are wearing Spiderman uniforms with clear, large, identifiable yellow numbers. I've been staring at Worcester's stone-ground mustard-colored, camouflage numbers, and for the life of me, I have no idea which character they are supposed to be. But they have yellow numbers are darker yellow background, so it is going to be a STRUGGLE for me to ID them today. But we soldier on together.

Evan Cormier gets the start in goal for the Thunder, with Michael McNiven in reserve, and Eamon McAdam, yesterday's starter, is today's healthy scratch. Kind of surprised, actually, that McNiven didn't get the start. If, as coach Alex Loh said, they're going to roll with 3 goalies, why not give each of them a game this weekend? The obvious answer is because parent New Jersey wants Cormier -- sent down from Binghamton on Wednesday night -- to get some action. But with the way McNiven has been playing, why risk cooling off your hot goalie?

Also, I just noticed that Blake Thompson is wearing one of the 'A's today, as defenseman Michael Sdao remains on the injured reserve.

Game time, 3 p.m., is when each team must reduce its active roster from 21 to 20. Between reserve, injured reserve and such, I didn't want to speculate, so I'll wait until the league says who Adirondack's reduction was.

Railers scratches: Justin Murray, Ivan Chukarov, Chris Rygus, Tanner Pond. A few number changes, too.

Railers starters: Linus Soderstrom (G), Kyle McKenzie (D), Connor Doherty (D), Cody Payne (F), Ross Olsson (F), Yanick Turcotte (F).

Thunder scratches: (McAdam not listed as a scratch, but not on the ice) Charlie Curti, Michael Sdao, Tommy Parran, Nikita Popugaev, Shane Conacher and Ryan Walker.

Thunder starters: Evan Cormier (G), Blake Thompson (D), Jeremy Groleau (D), James Henry (F), Casey Pierro-Zabotel (F), Conor Riley (F).

The Thunder could really use a win today, not just another one-point performance like Friday. They've lost three in a row, and extended losing streaks in THIS division are a plague.

Well, Marvel Day has Spiderman himself doing the ceremonial puck drop. I was hoping he'd sling himself down there from the Dave Strader Press Box, but you can't have everything.

1ST PERIOD: Craig Martin with the Thunder's first shot before getting lightly pushed into Soderstrom. No anger issues over it.

Soderstrom robs Szmatula on the doorstep!

Linhart with a juicy rebound chance, but can't get a clean swipe at it.

THUNDER GOAL! Ara Nazarian backhands one in from left circle to opposite side of net. 1-0 Thunder at 3:49.

Szmatula off for hooking at 4:01.

Cormier with a couple of stops during the PK.

Cormier with good stop and rebound just before penalty expires.

They announced Colby Sissons with the first assist and Craig Martin with the second, but it was obviously Martin with the first assist.

THUNDER GOAL! Alexandre Carrier goes 5-hole on a lovely assist from Hayden Verbeek, who used his speed to carry the puck around the net first. 2-0 Thunder at 6:30.

Soderstrom nice glove save of Riley on doorstep. Followed by the sound board operator playing the theme from the cartoon "Spiderman." Nice.

11:03 of the 1st, it's 2-0 Thunder.

Martin with acouple of nice defensive plays off a lost faceoff.

Railers'  McKenzie off for holding at 12:38.

Nice thought on the PP, bing-bing-bing passing from Thunder has shot at doorstep, but saved.

Worcester kills the penalty...and Cormier nice save other end.

Three passes along a line and shot, which Soderstrom saves. Some pushing and shoving after whistle, but no fights. Worcester yelling at Carrier.

Nice hustle and clean check-off-puck by Salhany.

Railers repeatedly slamming bench door, noticeably frustrated.

Thunder outshooting Railers 16-8.

Soderstrom good save on Henry from slot.

Payne tries to find Nazarian on doorstep, but can't get clean swipe.

END 1ST: Thunder 2, Railers 0. SOG: 18-8, Adirondack.

Just before period ended, Railers' Matt Schmalz took a flying elbow toward a Thunder player near boards who ducked and Schmalz bounced off the glass with a huge noise. Crowd loved that.

The scorers have added a second assist on Carrier's goal, to Jake Linhart.

Also, according to the just-released ECHL transactions, Popugaev is now on the IR, effective Nov. 4.

2ND PERIOD: Some sort of delay in starting as officials have to do something to Worcester goal. But we're underway now.

Good quick-stick by Henry to deflect open, angled shot by Railers' Bo Brauer.

Soderstrom with couple of good saves, including Salhany on a clean shot/step ahead of his defender.

Cormier good save of backhand, then gloves one seconds later. He's been on so far today.

Verpaelst with open slap shot, but Soderstrom swallows it.

4:34 in the 2nd, still 2-0 Thunder.

Cormier catches a knuckler in crowd.

Henry rightfully complaining to the ref that Worcester player was boarding at the other end and uncalled.

Cormier with another good save on shot from slot.

50-50 jackpot is up to $550.

WOW!! Linhart is pushed down and as he falls, he trips a Railer and Linhart is called for the trip at 8:48. Replay shown twice and crowd is furious.

Good try by Verbeek and Riley at a shorthanded goal, but Soderstrom saves it.

And since there is justice this time, Thunder kill the penalty.

RAILERS GOAL. Payne throws a no-angle pass to front of crease and it bounces off Kelly Summers' skate and in. 2-1 Thunder lead at 11:14.

THUNDER GOAL. Mike Szmatula rebound of Linhart shot at 12:48. Thunder up 3-1.

Nazarian and Railers' Samuels-Thomas get in a tangle post-whistle that leads both of them to the ice and neither wants to let go first. And they're being sent to the box, but honestly, neither should.

Play Under Review. Thunder were poking near goal line. Quickly ruled No Goal. Still awaiting word on the penalties from that gathering.

Turcotte in for something (2:00).  W's Callin in for unsportsmanlike and hooking. Nazarian in for unsportsmanlike. Thunder with 4:00 of PP.

Henry used skate to pass back on faceoff. Nice.

1:51 left in period. 3-1 Thunder, who have 1:04 of PP left.

Thunder didn't do much with 4 whole minutes of PP. Over now.

END 2ND: Thunder 3, Railers 1. SOG: 33-22, Adirondack.

OK, did the math just now. I think Thunder are still at 21, with Sdao, Parran, Popugaev and Conacher all on IR. But maybe I'm missing one. I know Curti is on reserve, so the question is Walker, and I thought he was reserve. 

3RD PERIOD: Cormier with doorstep save! Saved his d-man there.

Cormier another good save on close shot where d-man was there, but giving too much space.

Blake Thompson off for interference at 3:39.

Thunder kill the penalty.

7:07 into the third and Thunder aren't connecting on passes, looks like they know they're up by 2. Danger, Will Robinson!

And just like that, THUNDER GOAL! Jake Linhart slap shot to upper right part of net. 4-1 Thunder.

RAILERS GOAL. Matt Schmalz with nice deke move in front. 4-2, 7:55.

They announced it as Salhany's goal. Clearly was Linhart.

Railers' Turcotte sent to box and then off the ice. Crowd cheers lustily.

Over $1,390 was 50-50 pot. That'll buy your Thanksgiving turkey.

Turcotte got 2:00 for cross checking and a 10-minute misconduct.

Hey, reminder, ticket holders get free pizza (one large, 1-topping) at The Lagoon within 48 hrs. For the 4 goals, that is.

The scoreboard shows that next Friday's home game vs. Reading is 80s Night. As if that was just one night in my world!

And some Dan Miner-led "Whoos" to get the crowd fired up with 6 minutes left.

My apologies to Salhany. They just showed it on the board and he did tip it in. Salhany with 4th goal.

Good kick save by Cormier.

Verbeek to Szmatula quick-stick just misses.

Railers timeout with 2:29 left.

And Soderstrom stays on bench in favor of another skater as faceoff in Thunder end.

THUNDER GOAL! Conor Riley with an empty-netter at 18:06. Now 5-2 Thunder.

THUNDER GOAL! Nazarian with his 2nd today. Has 2 on 1 and keeps it, dekes Soderstrom at 19:20.

FINAL: Thunder 6, Railers 2. SOG: 45-34, Adirondack. That might have been their best home game this season...and it came on a Sunday as the third in three days. I am shocked.

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