Granville will become the 13th team in the Adirondack League, starting in the 2016-17 school year.

The current Wasaren League school initially applied to the Adirondack League last year, but the Adirondack League voted to wait a year and get more information. Earlier this fall, Granville made a presentation to the Adirondack League superintendents. The superintendents later filled out a paper ballot on whether to admit Granville, and it had to be unanimous for acceptance.

Granville centered its argument for admission around travel time. Its closest competitor in the Wasaren League was Greenwich — 27 miles away — but it also had to travel to schools such as Tamarac (57 miles) and Mechanicville (47 miles). In the Adirondack League, Granville would be much closer to opponents such as Fort Ann, Whitehall, Hartford, Argyle and Fort Edward.

With Corinth’s drop from Class B to Class C this current year, Granville, in Class B, would become the largest school in the Adirondack League, which initially concerned some superintendents. However, Granville is only seven students over the Class C cutoff and has not been especially competitive in the Wasaren League in recent years.

The last time any Granville non-individually based team had a .500 league record or better was 2012, when the softball team achieved it.

“We’re very appreciative of the Adirondack League for admitting us,” Granville Superintendent Mark Bessen said. “I think it’s going to be really good for the kids. We’re looking forward to the competition as well as cutting down on travel time for our student-athletes so they can rest and study.”

Bessen said it was great to be a part of the Wasaren League, but ultimately, travel time and costs got to be too much.

Bessen also cited the work of athletic director Eileen Troy, who took over in March, for helping to meet with individual athletic directors and addressing their concerns.

“Eileen is a well-known athletic director from her many years at Greenwich and her work with Section II,” Bessen said. “She was able to meet with the Adirondack League athletic directors and share the history of the Northern Conference, which Granville used to be in with a lot of the Adirondack schools and how it worked fine. She has this great historical perspective.”

Andrew Cook, superintendent of the Hartford Central School District and president of the Adirondack League, looks forward to Granville’s admittance.

“It provides an increased level of competition,” Cook said, “and it provides more stability for the league, as well.”

Bolton had been the last school to join the Adirondack league in 2011-12.

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