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Granville's Emma White poses following her successful day at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate's New England Revolution Powerlifting Contest on March 30.

Granville’s Emma White sets goals for herself, but how she achieves them is just as important to her.

White set two Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate world records on March 30 at RPS’ New England Revolution Powerlifting Contest in Oneco, Connecticut. The 17-year-old White set RPS records in bench press and total weight.

White, weighing in at 126 pounds, competed in the 132-pound class for 16- and 17-year-old girls in the Raw Classic Division, meaning she did not use any assistive equipment. She bench-pressed a record 145 pounds, squatted 225 and dead-lifted 310 for a record total weight of 680. Her total weight lifted to body weight multiple was 5.4, her best performance to date.

“I went into (the meet) knowing I was going for the bench record,” White said. “In my mind, I could break the squat record and the total weight record. I was really excited about the overall record. That to me was a big thing because it showed I’m a complete lifter.”

White has been training privately with coach Pat Morris for about three years, and he said she is very driven.

“With me, she trains twice a week for an hour and a half each time,” Morris said, “but we move along slowly, incrementally. But we’re very consistent. On her own, I know she does sprinting and hill work.

“She gets the idea we don’t miss days unless there is a super-good reason,” he added.

White said Morris has been an excellent coach and part of her support system.

“I’ll always push harder to give back and show gratitude to the people who put in the time with me,” she said.

Morris said the meet featured strict powerlifting rules. The hip crease must drop below the tops of the knees in the squat; the barbell must stop on the chest before the lift command is given in the bench press; and the barbell may not rest on the thighs in the ascent of the dead lift.

Last September, White participated in the RPS Women’s World Championships in New Jersey, where she won her division. She currently hold seven other RPS world records in other age and weight classes besides her latest two. She plans to compete again this September and, naturally, she has goals.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” said the home-schooled high-school graduate, “and I’d love to get a 250-pound squat.”

White is just as driven in her personal life. In addition to her powerlifting, she rides horses and figure skates recreationally. She’s getting her nail technician license, and she will enroll in a trade school in the fall to learn how to become an anesthesia technician.

“I have goals,” White said, “and I envision reaching them.”

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