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Many years back, when the World Wide Web was still kind of a new thing (and you'd say things like "look what you can find on the Internet!"), I wrote a sports editor's blog.

I threw out assorted thoughts and views from time to time, including the occasional grumble about my job. After a few months it went into mothballs. We decided to spread things around and open up blogs on individual sports. It was the trendy thing to do.

I spent the next decade or so blogging about girls soccer, an effort that ended this past fall with the realization that it's time to go another direction. 

I'm back in the blogging business, this time with a new sports editor's blog that will deal with more general sports topics. I may also get grumpy about my job from time to time. Who knows.

For now it will appear on Tuesday mornings, because someone who knows better told me that's when it's needed. I'll aim for once a week, but I may skip a week once in a while when things get busy around here.

I am uncertain exactly what the subject matter will be. You can expect some local content, but I may also muse about national sports when the mood strikes me. Occasionally I might get off the topic of sports, like when I'm on vacation. But I don't envision any road trip blogs in my future ... I'm still recovering from the two-week journey of last summer.

You'll read opinions in this blog from time to time, and that may test my personality. At core, I'm a can't-we-all-get-along kind of guy. I don't particularly like throwing opinions around. But we all need to try something new once in a while, so I'm going to try to crawl out of my shell.

Actually, there's a reason I tend to keep my views bottled up. I have some screwy opinions that get mainstream sports fans (and other sportswriters) riled up.

I liked college football better before they had a playoff. I thought Joe Girardi was doing a great job. I've been run out of parties because I opened my mouth about replay reviews.

Well, we'll see. At worst, this will be an old guy's perspective on the sports world that surrounds us. If there's anything I'm good at, it's being old.

Come back next week and give me a try.

Sports Editor Greg Brownell may be reached at Follow him on Twitter: @glensfallsse.



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