When you want to save money on your electric bill, take a close look at your water heater.

Switching from electric to natural gas can save you significant money on your bill.

Most people don't realize that the water heater uses the most energy of all household appliances.

Regardless of whether they are being used, traditional water tanks are still heating water. Even well-insulated tanks lose a certain amount of heat. That's why owning an electric water heater can be a huge drain on your finances. The water must constantly be reheated.

Another option is to get a tankless system that heats water only when you are using it. While that might sound practical, the tanks are very expensive and require a large initial investment.

Your best choice is changing to a cheaper energy source. Solar heated water is ideal, but impractical in most parts of the country. A natural gas water heater is your best solution.

Natural gas is more consistent and reliable than electricity. It costs less to heat your home, cook dinner or boil water. This source works whether you have electricity or not. Gas is pumped into your home through underground lines that are not affected by the weather.

Switching to natural gas is simple. If you have a line close to your home, it is even better. While it requires an initial investment of connecting the line to your home, you will pay that off in savings.

Your other appliances will work with natural gas as well. Furnaces, stoves, washing machines and dryers can all function by using this resource. In fact, having an alternative energy source will increase your home's value.

Natural gas is an environmentally-friendly option because it burns cleaner than other fossil fuels.

Check with natural gas companies in your area. Often they have special incentives, such as rebates and discounts for your initial service.

When you switch your water heater to natural gas, the savings will astonish you. It is the financially smart thing to do.



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