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CORINTH -- For the 115th time on Saturday, young adults in Corinth stepped out from the shadows of their high school years and leaped into the future.

"The spirit that flows through this class is the same spirit that can change America," said Class of 2010 Valedictorian Phillip Morreale, citing the numerous conflicts and tragedies facing young students in the modern world.

Morreale, who will be study engineering and computer science at Adirondack Community College, used the wisdom of Franklin D. Roosevelt to share with his classmates.

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on," he said to the 76 members of the Class of 2010 receiving their diplomas in a gymnasium whose walls were lined with the banners of school sports champions that date back several decades.

High School Principal Brian Testani shared his fondest, funniest memories of the class in a lengthy list of laughable plots that included the time students chased teachers with water balloons, a time that was spent celebrating a "high-five day," and the day when everyone dressed as their favorite character from the "Harry Potter" series.

Retired teacher Marilyn Ahern, whose last group of students included members of this year's graduating class when they were in middle school, offered a special address.

Salutatorian Aidan Lambert said he will be attending classes at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. He will be studying French and Spanish, which will be augmented by other studies that will best propel him on to medical school. His goal is to work as a medical practitioner abroad.

Lambert offered the words of writer Joseph Campbell as simple advice to the Class of 2010.

"Follow your bliss," he said.

The graduates were urged to be smarter and to do better than those who had come before them. The lasting success of that achievement will be measured in the future, when that mantra is replaced by a new one that asks future graduates do as their parents, the Class of 2010, have done.


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