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Want to get away for the day with your pup? Need ideas for an adventure that will please both of you?

Getting a dog should be a well-planned decision. For the best chance for success, put forth the effort to find the best match for you and your family.

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, spending time outside is going to become much more common. We are all going to want to spend more time outside and enjoy the sun, but so will our pets. We have all seen how peaceful our cats look as they sit basking in the sunshine or how happy our dogs look chasing a Frisbee in our community park. Spending time with our pets outside this spring will be good for us and also good for them. 

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The source for many flea infestations is often right outside your home. Getting rid of fleas in the yard often calls for repeated applications of chemical insecticides — sprays and powders that kill active flea populations and discourage them from returning.

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To reduce fleas in your yard without chemicals, diligent raking and mowing keep the yard from becoming a natural haven for them. Add soft mulch or wood chips to flower beds and your pets’ favorite nesting spots.

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