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Tart and funky brews aren’t as cut and dry as other flavor profile categories. They have a wide ABV range and can be light to medium-full bodied. As far as flavor goes, tart and funky brews can be acidic, sour, winey, fruity ... you name it. Tart and funky beers, like an American Brett, pair well with earthy cheeses, grilled or roasted game and fruit filled pastries.

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Crisp beers are light and refreshing with low to medium alcohol by volume (ABV). A classic example of a crisp beer is the Pilsner, a lager that’s light in color and is considered the standard beer across the world. The American Lager is also an example of a crisp and clean beer as it’s highly carbonated and has a low hoppy character. Crisp and clean beers often pair well with spicy foods, salad and seafood.

Jan. 13, 1940 — July 26, 2020 WELLS, Vt. — Wayne Sumner Irvine, age 80, died on Sunday, July 26, 2020 following a long illness.

The village of South Glens Falls just finished putting in a new well, but now officials are considering a second one to keep up with demand during hot summers with limited rain.

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