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(((Photo goes with top item; designer picks billboard style)))

A few years back, I used to do a two-hour radio call-in show in Cincinnati about home improvement. It was loads of fun to be on the spot on live radio, answering listeners' questions. I miss those mornings but now do the same thing via email at

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil held its much-anticipated auction for build-out of the nation’s fifth-generation wireless network on Thursday, with the open question of whether China's Huawei telecommunications company will be involved.

BANGKOK (AP) — A top executive of Myanmar’s military-linked telecommunications company was fatally shot Thursday near his home in Yangon, the country’s commercial capital, in an apparent assassination linked to the country's violent political unrest.

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Apple supporters seem to be the more resolute crowd, so if you know someone who prefers to keep things in their life all-Apple, there are many great gift ideas

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