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A good diet for pet birds includes seeds and pellets, but there’s a naturally occurring delicacy that most birds are ravenous for: sprouted seeds.

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Microgreens may be true to their name in terms of their tiny size and verdant hue, but when it comes to reputation, "macrogreens" would be a much better fit!

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Highly nutritious avocados are a favorite summer fruit for good reason. Whether you crush one up to make guacamole, slice it for a sandwich, mash it on toast, or top a salad with it, avocado provides a burst of flavor and healthy fats. It’s also surprisingly easy to grow this fruit at home from the leftover pit—a fun indoor gardening project for kids and adults alike—though most avocado trees take several years to mature and grow fruit. Here’s how to grow your own avocado plant.

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