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Installing a centerset-type faucet is something you may be able to do yourself — just follow the faucet manufacturer’s instructions.

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Tesla has established a template that other new EV startups are following, intensifying the competitive landscape in North America by 2027, with as many as 21 manufacturers producing vehicles here.

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Government interest in electric vehicles also helped the industry surge this year. California Gov. Gavin Newsom said in September that all new cars and trucks sold in the state would be zero-emission by 2035. The British government announced in November that it would ban sales of gas and diesel cars in 2030.

Individuals and businesses across the region have been doing whatever they can to help in the crisis.

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BIDEN: “A 150 million people have been killed since 2007, when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability.”

It is a romantic day, but also one of the most expensive holidays of the year. If you are reading this and realize you didn’t do anything for that special someone, it’s not too late to find some great coupon deals online or around the area.

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TRUMP: “We are restoring our nation’s manufacturing might, even though predictions were that this could never be done. After losing 60,000 factories under the previous two administrations, America has now gained 12,000 new factories under my administration.”

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One of those products where the brand name (Amazon, $8) has become synonymous with the thing itself, even though other manufacturers make similar items. This is basically a small, handheld grater. The most classic one is long and narrow, with lots of fine blades that turn lemon zest and hard grating cheeses and chocolate into fluffy mounds of delicate tiny shreds. You can also get versions that grate food into larger strands.

LAKE GEORGE — Heading to points north and east, a steady stream of motorcycles, in staggered formation, rode through Fort Ann, turning left on…

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