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Leg Up

While composing, in a dreamlike state, the poem “Kubla Khan,” Samuel Taylor Coleridge was interrupted by a “person from Porlock” and subsequen…

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“No job is forever. That’s just not the way the job market is structured anymore. It used to be our grandfathers would go into a place and work there for 25 years, get the gold watch and retire. But the truth is that even if, when you’re starting out in your career, you’re in a job where you’re not quite sure about it, it’s not necessarily fulfilling you the way you thought you thought it would, it is OK to still hold that position and learn what you can from it, because that will help you move into your next role, and that role will probably be closer to what you envision as your dream role.”

Cover-ups take a lot of energy. They cause tension, probably needlessly. People who are not trying to conceal their flaws are more comfortable…

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