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TikTok user @maaaaryland shows off some of the most useful things in her home office, including a color coordinated cutting machine and printer. If you want to keep your home office stylish, take a cue from this tour and order a printer you won’t want to hide away.

TikTok user @louiburke turned a little nook in his living room into a functional home office by using a console table. The deep drawers provide space for a keyboard and mouse to be stored away when it’s time to end the workday.

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It used to be that plants set the stage for offices. Now they set the stage for Zoom meetings, classes and video calls that can land you on Twitter accounts like Room Rater. Because our homes have become our offices, several stores, including and the Sill, now offer plants specifically for the home office.

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Many of us have now had almost a year of experience adjusting our home office setup and are painfully aware what works and what doesn't.

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Home offices are great — until they transform from a concentration-supporting workspace into a drop-zone for all those extra files, boxes, games and more that don’t quite fit in the living room or other rooms of the home. Small-space home offices tucked into a larger room may not have the same problem, but it never hurts to take an honest look at any potential clutter culprits and toss them ...

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Rigid chairs for kitchen and dining room tables are not ideal for 8-plus hour work sessions. At this point, you’ve probably figured that out. But if not, here’s what OSHA has to say: “A chair that’s well-designed and appropriately adjusted is an essential element of a safe and productive computer workstation. A good chair provides necessary support to the back, legs, buttocks and arms, while reducing exposures to awkward postures, contact stress and forceful exertions.”

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Armed security for senior royals is provided by a special unit of the Metropolitan Police and other agencies. This is paid for by taxpayers, but officials do not provide a breakdown of costs, preferring to keep the operational details confidential. The expense would certainly rise if it involves deploying a protection team to Canada or the U.S. for months at a time.

If you ever find yourself slumped over your computer screen or fighting low back pain after a long day, an ergonomic sitting ball could be the perfect solution for your home office or workplace. This luxe looking ball chair from Vivora has Amazon customers raving. Here’s why:

Whether you primarily work from home or simply need a space for everyday tasks, having a comfortable and organized workspace can make all the difference. And you don’t even need a dedicated home office — with the right furniture and accessories, you can create an efficient work zone just about anywhere. Read on to score some stylish home office finds.

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