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Home improvement projects may not be the first things on your to-do list this fall, but you may want to add a few items to that list (maybe after “book holiday travel” but before “buy new soccer cleats for the kids”) to help prepare your home for the chillier months approaching.

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Summer’s heat and moisture (thanks, humidity) can cause signs of wear and tear in floors, especially if you have real hardwood flooring. Scratched, dull or damaged floors can be sanded down and refinished; more substantial damage, such as loose floorboards or deep scratches, may call for replacement boards.

Long narrow hallways are difficult to decorate, but you can add visual interest without taking up floor space by wallpapering your hallway ceiling like TikTok user @iamabuilder.

Taking your shoes off when you come into your home will help keep your floors a little cleaner, but rather than letting them pile up by the door, try this Ikea storage cabinet @momlikeaboss_ recommends. It’s compact enough for narrow entryways.

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Q: Tim, I need your guidance. I want to do a large mosaic tile floor in my new room addition. I have no clue where to start. I’ve never done tile work before. Do you think I’m crazy for attempting this? If not, what can you share to ensure success? I don’t want to goof up and have to rip it up. There will be some heavy furniture on the floor. Is that an issue? —Rebecca T., Tuscon, Ariz.

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Wooden floors with wide planks or large tiles are well-suited for contemporary spaces. Choose wood with minimal grain and tile with little to no texture.

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