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1. Warm up with store-bought hand warmers, microwavable heating pads, hot water bottles or heated blankets. Following the manufacturer's instructions and concentrating on your torso are key, said JohnEric Smith, an associate professor in the department of kinesiology at Mississippi State University. "If you warm the core you can warm the hands and feet. It is harder to warm the core by warming the hands and feet."

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Surveillance testing. Literally flooding the system with tests. Getting a home test that you could do yourself, that’s highly sensitive and highly specific. And you know why that would be terrific? Because if you decided that you wanted to have a small gathering with your mother-in-law and father-in-law and a couple of children, and you had a test right there. It isn’t 100%. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. But the risk that you have — if everyone is tested before you get together to sit down for dinner — dramatically decreases. It might not ever be zero but, you know, we don’t live in a completely risk-free society.

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ATLANTIC CITY — Three days after a news conference where he apologized to business owners and residents for not doing more to prevent the prior evening’s riots, Mayor Marty Small Sr. announced a more than 5% decrease in municipal taxes.

Some figures were incorrect in a chart published with the story about school budget votes on Page A1 Sunday.

"Parking on our back streets was almost non-existent, which on a Memorial Day weekend, you would have almost all our meter spaces full."


A story on Page B1 Thursday about the South Glens Falls school budget included incorrect information about state aid. In the proposed 2020-21 …

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Overall, the car-dependency index ranges from a high of 98.81 to a low of 50.8. The most car-dependent states largely exist in the southern part of the U.S. Conversely, the least car-dependent states are generally found on the West Coast or in the Northeast.

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