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This healthy take on Snickers from @johngs uses dates, crunchy peanut butter, and roasted peanuts for filling. Then he coats the bars with melted dark chocolate and sprinkles with sea salt for a vegan candy bar made from just five ingredients.

If you need a grab-and-go option for hectic mornings, try making these healthy 4-ingredient chocolate peanut butter bars from dietician @alyssafontainerd. They’re packed with fruit and fiber to keep you energized until lunch.

If you have dated opening between your kitchen and living room, you can attach your own bar top for some extra seating and eating space like @emilyrayna. You’ll just need to uninstall and patch the holes in drilled into the wall when you move.

FoodTok creator @fatimasfabkitchen combines homemade ice cream infused with flavorful chai spices and boba for a delicious ice cream bar that goes beyond the expected combinations.

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We love this infant car seat for its LockSure steel-reinforced seat belt locking system, its anti-rebound bar for additional stability, and extendable headrest to keep babies safe as they grow.

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Bars are really problematic. I have to tell you, if you look at some of the outbreaks that we’ve seen, it’s when people go into bars, crowded bars. You know, I used to go to a bar. I used to like to sit at a bar and grab a hamburger and a beer. But when you’re at a bar, people are leaning over your shoulder to get a drink, people next to each other like this. It’s kind of fun because it’s social, but it’s not fun when this virus is in the air. So I would think that if there’s anything you want to clamp down on, for the time being, it’s bars.

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You can turn that spare room into something more than just a game room or TV-watching space with an extensive themed remodel. The options here are as broad as your imagination itself: a 1950s-inspired diner with jukebox, wood-paneled English pub with leather stools pushed up to a custom bar or a tribute to the movies or sports teams that drive your passions.

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Tourism accounts for almost 20% of Greece's gross domestic product, as well as one in five jobs, so it's perhaps no surprise the Mediterranean nation is angling to reopen to tourists as soon as it possibly can.

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This isn’t the Florida Keys or Daytona Beach, so don’t plan on sporting flip-flops and swimsuits anywhere other than the beach or hotel pool when you’re in Miami. To be fair, even the pools can feel like fashion runways at some of the city’s posh hotels.

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“If I’m baking with my grandsons, I’ll use chocolate chips, because they’re designed to hold their shape and not be super-soft and messy at room temperature. Otherwise, I like to use chunks, or chop up bars. If chocolate is the star, buy something good. It’s worth it. I like Callebaut, and I like Valrhona, if I can find it. If you’re going to melt chocolate, don’t overheat it. It doesn’t take much to melt chocolate, so don’t abuse it. Good white chocolate is expensive and can be hard to find, but it’s important to buy a good quality, because they often put so much garbage into it.”

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Your friends might encourage you to buck up and get back out to play the field, but if you'd rather spend some Saturday nights watching sappy rom-coms in your PJs than hit the bars, that's totally fine.

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