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1ST RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $4,400.

1 Royal Destiny (Phil Fluet);12-1

2 Chf Shooting Star (Dan Cappello Jr);5-2

3 Stell R Time (Brett Crawford);2-1

4 Dunks Brother (Jim Devaux);8-1

5 Lisa Jane (Jay Randall);6-1

6 Hello I’m Johnny (Frank Coppola Jr);9-2

2ND RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $7,060.

1 All That Dazzle (Brian Cross);3-1

2 Gifted Way (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-1

3 Anja (Jim Devaux);9-2

4 Drama Free (Mark Beckwith);12-1

5 Photo King (Jay Randall);5-1

6 Prince Of Minto (Billy Dobson);7-2

7 Jelectric (Frank Coppola Jr);15-1

8 Blitz Victory (Jordan Derue);8-1

9 Northern Matador (Shawn T Gray);4-1

3RD RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,850.

1 Yankee De Vie (Billy Dobson);15-1

2 Sarah Gator (Jay Randall);6-5

3 Waltzing For Cash (Jim Devaux);8-1

4 Socks Will Dew (Bruce Aldrich Jr);25-1

5 Angel’s Image (Mark Beckwith);6-1

6 Southwind Blizzard (F. Coppola);10-1

7 Wicked Nick (Brett Crawford);4-1

8 Miss Neala Ridge (Shawn T Gray);12-1

9 Barn Bliss (Steeven Genois);20-1

4TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Minne Cheatum (Jim Devaux);5-2

2 Striking Star (Shawn T Gray);10-1

3 Notmeitsyou (Phil Fluet);3-1

4 Coach Cummings (Mark Beckwith);7-2

5 Glencove Carter (Billy Dobson);6-1

6 D Answer (Alek Chartrand);20-1

7 Show Em All Lindy (Jordan Derue);8-1

8 Miss Muscle (John Stark Jr);12-1

5TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $7,000.

1 Aplomb Hanover (Jay Randall);6-5

2 Bolide De Nuit (Dan Cappello Jr);8-1

3 Bashful Strike (Billy Dobson);7-2

4 Andi’s Unreal (Brian Cross);10-1

5 Weekend Wit Bigd (Frank Coppola);6-1

6 Autumn Estelle (Bruce Aldrich Jr);12-1

7 Starlingmoon (Jim Devaux);25-1

8 Just Plain Dj (Mark Beckwith);15-1

6TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Cc Bank (Jay Randall);6-1

2 Slieve League (John Macdonald);9-2

3 Missus Mia Wallace (Bruce Aldrich);5-2

4 Shortie Joe (John Stark Jr);3-1

5 Tournament (Jim Devaux);10-1

6 Glide In The Wind (Mark Beckwith);4-1

7 Youcouldbethatgirl (Billy Dobson);8-1

8 Royal Heiress (Brian Cross);25-1

7TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $15,000.

1 Bobs Hope (Bruce Aldrich Jr);8-1

2 Entranced (Frank Coppola Jr);12-1

3 Awol Hanover (Billy Dobson);15-1

4 Dragin The Wagon (Phil Fluet);4-1

5 Armor Hanover (Dan Cappello Jr);10-1

6 Judy The Beauty (Jim Devaux);9-2

7 Wings Of Royalty (Shawn T Gray);3-1

8 Ulster (Jay Randall);6-1

9 Cash Me Out (Mark Beckwith);5-2

8TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Barn Star (Phil Fluet);6-5

2 J-s Miss Carolyn (Steeven Genois);4-1

3 Activist (Jay Randall);10-1

4 Credit List (Jim Devaux);6-1

5 Squirely Girly (Bruce Aldrich Jr);8-1

6 Crazyasclassic (Frank Coppola Jr);15-1

7 Jeter’s Way (John Stark Jr);20-1

8 Executive Decision (B. Crawford);12-1

9TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,500.

1 Eternal Prince (Phil Fluet);6-1

2 Crazycat (Bruce Aldrich Jr);5-2

3 Summajestic (Jim Devaux);3-1

4 Silent Pine (Bruce Cooper);4-1

5 Tropical Storm Bi (Frank Coppola);8-1

6 Justice Jet (Jay Randall);9-2

7 True Muscle (Billy Dobson);10-1

8 Cartier Volo (Shawn T Gray);20-1

10TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 New York Chrome (Jim Devaux);5-2

2 Herbie Hammer (Jay Randall);9-2

3 Court’s N Session (Billy Dobson);6-1

4 Darron Hall (Phil Fluet);8-1

5 Broadway Rocks (Jordan Derue);4-1

6 I M Fishin (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

7 Flyhawk Thriller (Bruce Aldrich Jr);10-1

8 Cantad Kid (Brian Cross);15-1

9 If Not Why Not (Shawn T Gray);12-1

11TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $5,000.

1 Roadshow Star (Alek Chartrand);6-1

2 Duluth (Jim Devaux);5-2

3 Spoiler Alert (Brett Crawford);4-1

4 Its All About Sam (Brian Cross);9-2

5 Quick Feet (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

6 Ej’s Last Dance (Bruce Aldrich Jr);12-1

7 Gotta Luv Cash (Billy Dobson);10-1

8 Ozymandias (Jay Randall);8-1

12TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Somedew Somedont (F. Coppola);3-1

2 Video Chic (Phil Fluet);4-1

3 Give Angel Credit (Brian Cross);10-1

4 Striking Encore (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-1

5 Don’t Be Cheeky (Mark Beckwith);8-1

6 Bonamassa (Brett Crawford);9-2

7 Time Is Fleeting (Jim Devaux);12-1

8 Chili (Shawn T Gray);20-1

9 Silver Buckeye (Billy Dobson);5-2

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