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1ST RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,600.

1 Gracie G (Jimmy Whittemore);8-5

2 House Of Style (Frank Coppola Jr);10-1

3 Seeyouinlalaland (Jim Devaux);5-1

4 Oh Whata Nightjohn (Chris Long);8-1

5 Dry Creek Gin (Bruce Aldrich Jr);2-1

6 Sheezshirlyabeauty (Phil Fluet);15-1

7 Miracle Ace (Billy Dobson);12-1

8 Little Liza Jane (C. Huckabone Jr);25-1

2ND RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,500.

1 Nitro Glistening (Brett Crawford);6-5

2 Ideal Camo (Kenneth Cross);12-1

3 Hawaii And Sun (Frank Coppola Jr);6-1

4 Fifth Son (Billy Dobson);10-1

5 Six Before Seven (Evan Hoagland);4-1

6 Amispicyorwhat (Phil Fluet);15-1

3RD RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $5,150.

1 Blurred Lines (Jim Devaux);7-2

2 Powerfull Intense (Frank Coppola Jr);5-1

3 Machet Time (Joe Nassimos);6-1

4 Lightning Ride (Brett Crawford);3-1

5 Duck Duck Dragon (Phil Fluet);5-2

6 Cover Model (Chris Long);10-1

7 Smart N Articulate (Billy Dobson);8-1

8 Gimmesomeroom (Ben Mcneil);12-1

9 Viva La Voracious (Brian Cross);20-1

4TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $9,000.

1 Rowdy Roadie (Chris Long);5-1

2 Big Tyme Shooter (Jim Devaux);2-1

3 Larjon Laney (Phil Fluet);8-1

4 One Hand Keg Stand (C. Huckabone III);4-1

5 Twin B Halo (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

6 Blush (Alek Chartrand);10-1

7 Maybeitsmaybelline (Billy Dobson);15-1

8 Fade To Gold (Dan Cappello Jr);12-1

5TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $18,000.

1 Mydelight Bluechip (Ben Mcneil);10-1

2 Ok Jewel (Jim Devaux);8-1

3 Betabcool N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);4-1

4 Seventimesavirgin (Billy Dobson);7-5

5 Culinary Delight N (Larry Stalbaum);5-2

6 Casa Miasa (Evan Hoagland);12-1

6TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $8,560.

1 Gina Grace N (Larry Stalbaum);9-2

2 Heavens Dancer (Cory Stratton);6-1

3 Under The Bus (Bruce Aldrich Jr);10-1

4 Believe In Waco (Billy Dobson);7-5

5 Gingertreescarlett (Jay Randall);12-1

6 Private Performanc (C. Huckabone III);20-1

7 Pammy Jo (Jimmy Whittemore);15-1

8 Surreal Feeling (Jim Devaux);25-1

9 Spreester (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

7TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $15,000.

1 All Native (Claude Huckabone III);20-1

2 West Liberty (Brian Cross);8-1

3 Tiger Boudoir (Jay Randall);12-1

4 Glenferrie Bronte N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);5-2

5 Stirling Cameo (Jim Devaux);4-1

6 Love Live Laugh (Jimmy Whittemore);6-1

7 The Filly Princess (Mcgwire Sowers);10-1

8 Sandy’s Beach (Jordan Derue);9-2

9 Bazooka Terror (Billy Dobson);3-1

8TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,600.

1 Missbiglee (Mcgwire Sowers);6-1

2 The Bay Front (Brian Cross);7-5

3 Bonzai Beach (Jay Randall);8-1

4 Southernhallelujah (C. Huckabone Jr);25-1

5 Dw’s Hanna (Phil Fluet);7-2

6 Grays Slick (Billy Dobson);9-2

7 Im On Schedule (Claude Huckabone III);20-1

8 Retail Marc Up (Jim Devaux);15-1

9TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,420.

1 Thank The Bank (Billy Dobson);5-2

2 Pancakes (Bruce Aldrich Jr);7-2

3 Velocity Kelli (Joe Nassimos);10-1

4 Frenzie (Paul Suchow);15-1

5 Riviera (Jim Devaux);9-2

6 Angel Speak (Claude Huckabone III);6-1

7 Party Rockin (Brett Crawford);20-1

8 Velocity Mcsweets (Steeven Genois);12-1

9 Wonderful World (Frank Coppola Jr);2-1

10TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $9,000.

1 With Wings (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

2 All Speed Rising (Bruce Aldrich Jr);4-1

3 Conway Beach A (Cory Stratton);9-2

4 Foxbriar Ever Lee (Phil Fluet);5-2

5 I Got The Boy (Chris Long);6-1

6 Antiguan Art (Brian Cross);10-1

7 Amazing Amanda (Brett Crawford);20-1

8 Lynn Bin Con Kin (Jim Devaux);8-1

11TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,500.

1 That’s Some Plan (Billy Dobson);5-2

2 Giacodelight (Jimmy Whittemore);9-2

3 Johnny Fly Swatter (C. Huckabone III);6-1

4 Uf Lana Rae (Jim Devaux);3-1

5 Shaguar (Frank Coppola Jr);10-1

6 Rocknrollroyalty (Claude Huckabone Jr);7-2

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