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1ST RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Southwind Blizzard (Frank Coppola Jr);7-2

2 Agent Bach (Mark Beckwith);5-2

3 Erin Isle (Bruce Aldrich Jr);5-1

4 Half Moon Rising (Jay Randall);2-1

5 College Krystal (Brian Cross);8-1

6 Backfield N Motion (C. Huckabone Jr);20-1

7 Mackworthy (Wallace Watson);10-1

8 Southwind Tinker (Jim Devaux);12-1

2ND RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $8,500.

1 Guida’s Geisha (Steeven Genois);8-1

2 Flyhawk Charm (Jimmy Whittemore);7-2

3 Eternal Prince (Phil Fluet);5-1

4 Shawnee Beauty (Billy Dobson);5-2

5 Windsun Missile (Brett Crawford);10-1

6 Quick Deal (Bruce Aldrich Jr);4-1

7 Blitz Victory (Jay Randall);6-1

8 Tropical Storm Bi (Jordan Derue);12-1

3RD RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Baby I’m Worth It (Billy Dobson);9-5

2 Fire And Rain (Brett Crawford);15-1

3 Good Luck Ginny (Jim Devaux);6-1

4 Crazyasclassic (Jay Randall);7-2

5 Precocious Lady (Frank Coppola Jr);8-1

6 D Answer (Alek Chartrand);10-1

7 Bazaar Bazaar (Jordan Derue);5-1

8 Southwind Larado (C. Huckabone Jr);30-1

4TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,500.

1 Konnichiwa (Billy Dobson);5-2

2 Mystical Somolli (Bruce Aldrich Jr);7-2

3 Andi’s Unreal (Brian Cross);12-1

4 Barn Star (Phil Fluet);5-1

5 All Night Credit (Shawn T Gray);6-1

6 Wicked Nick (Brett Crawford);3-1

7 Royal Bahama (Jim Devaux);15-1

5TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $4,000.

1 Hello I’m Johnny (Phil Fluet);3-1

2 She’s Uncorked (Mark Beckwith);9-2

3 Railroad Lane (Bruce Aldrich Jr);12-1

4 Rcs Ready (Claude Huckabone Jr);8-1

5 Broadway Rocks (Jordan Derue);5-2

6 Aruba Vacation (Billy Dobson);4-1

7 Chf Shooting Star (Dan Cappello Jr);10-1

8 Howdy Jane (Frank Coppola Jr);20-1

6TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $12,500.

1 Js Trotting Bob (Phil Fluet);10-1

2 Tropical Trice (Mark Beckwith);9-2

3 Justice Jet (Jay Randall);7-2

4 Cr Blazin Beauty (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-1

5 The Royal Harry (Billy Dobson);8-1

6 Aberforth (Frank Coppola Jr);8-5

7TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $8,500.

1 On Thunder Road N (Larry Stalbaum);5-2

2 Aces And Eights (Wallace Watson);9-2

3 Starlingmoon (Phil Fluet);3-1

4 Odyssey Blue Chip (Jordan Derue);4-1

5 Credit List (Jim Devaux);6-1

6 Mr Jesse (Bruce Aldrich Jr);10-1

7 Sweet Royalty (Billy Dobson);8-1

8 Euro Gap (Jay Randall);12-1

8TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Aplomb Hanover (Jordan Derue);5-2

2 Mugshots Bro (Frank Coppola Jr);9-2

3 Crazycat (Bruce Aldrich Jr);3-1

4 Mr Cool Seaeyre N (Larry Stalbaum);10-1

5 Judy The Beauty (Jay Randall);4-1

6 Gigfy (Gerry Mattison);12-1

7 Maximuscle (Billy Dobson);6-1

8 Kinetic King (Mark Beckwith);8-1

9TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,500.

1 Just A Little Evil (Shawn T Gray);9-2

2 Bolide De Nuit (Dan Cappello Jr);6-1

3 Priest Man (Steeven Genois);5-2

4 Cherry Peep (Jay Randall);3-1

5 Royal Heiress (Brian Cross);15-1

6 Activist (Mark Beckwith);4-1

7 New York Chrome (Jim Devaux);8-1

10TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,420.

1 Get To Doin It (Jay Randall);4-1

2 East To Cincy (Brian Cross);8-1

3 Im Not Vanilla (Frank Coppola Jr);12-1

4 Fox Valley Iliad (Larry Stalbaum);5-2

5 Capt Serious (Jordan Derue);10-1

6 Pistols Aspiration (Billy Dobson);9-2

7 Only Passing Thru (Jimmy Whittemore);6-1

8 Air Dynamic (Mark Beckwith);25-1

9 Summajestic (Jim Devaux);3-1

11TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $4,815.

1 The Lindy Treaty (Shawn T Gray);5-2

2 Kirty Dream (Jordan Derue);4-1

3 Here’s The Magic (Jay Randall);3-1

4 Gianni (Billy Dobson);9-2

5 Put On The Day (Phil Fluet);8-1

6 Flyhawk Thriller (Steeven Genois);10-1

7 Striking Encore (Bruce Aldrich Jr);12-1

8 Yo Yo Mass (Mark Beckwith);15-1

9 Fear (Jim Devaux);6-1

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