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1ST RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $8,500.

1 Brigadoon (Frank Coppola Jr);6-1

2 Lear Seelster (Billy Dobson);5-2

3 Warrawee Nonsuch (Mcgwire Sowers);8-1

4 Gotta Minute N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);3-1

5 Drunken Terror (Chris Long);10-1

6 Allstar Energy (Steeven Genois);4-1

7 Shane Adam (Jim Devaux);9-2

8 Chip Walther (Mark Beckwith);12-1

2ND RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $4,815.

1 Northview Punter N (L Alex Macdonald);8-1

2 Dreamzzzz R For U (Shawn T Gray);5-2

3 Headlights On (Brian Cross);4-1

4 The Royal Garden N (J. Whittemore);10-1

5 Or (Mcgwire Sowers);15-1

6 Ultimate Credit (Jim Devaux);6-1

7 Skibbereen (Steeven Genois);20-1

8 Sassy Hanover (Billy Dobson);9-2

9 Justice My Way (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

3RD RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $8,030.

1 Obo Hanover (Phil Fluet);3-1

2 Spinarama (Frank Coppola Jr);5-2

3 Mr Blissfull (Bruce Aldrich Jr);9-2

4 Rocknrollroyalty (C. Huckabone Jr);12-1

5 Flem N Em N (Jay Randall);10-1

6 First Car (Jim Devaux);6-1

7 Macherati (Larry Stalbaum);4-1

8 Gaius Crastinus (Claude Huckabone III);25-1

9 Relentless Dreamer (Mark Beckwith);8-1

4TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $8,500.

1 Yamaka (Brett Crawford);10-1

2 Mcdan (Josh Kinney);12-1

3 Art’s Delight (Billy Dobson);5-2

4 Top Of The Mark (Mark Beckwith);4-1

5 Olde Broadside (Jay Randall);3-1

6 In The Huddle (Bruce Aldrich Jr);9-2

7 Simply Susational N (Larry Stalbaum);6-1

8 Treasure Mach (Jim Devaux);8-1

5TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $10,700.

1 American Passport (Mark Beckwith);3-1

2 Saulsbrook Deputy (F. Coppola Jr);10-1

3 Rise Up Now (Jim Devaux);8-1

4 Mach Time N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);5-1

5 Starznheaven (Billy Dobson);7-5

6 Sometimesawinner (Jordan Derue);25-1

7 Itsonlyrocknroll A (Larry Stalbaum);15-1

8 Beast Mode (Jimmy Whittemore);20-1

9 Nitro Glistening (Brett Crawford);12-1

6TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $15,000.

1 Betterlatethnnever (Shawn T Gray);12-1

2 Hudson Phil (Jay Randall);5-1

3 Crockets Cullen N (Larry Stalbaum);3-1

4 Carolina Beach (Mark Beckwith);2-1

5 Havefaithinme N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);4-1

6 Stars Align A (Billy Dobson);6-1

7 Jk Panache (Jim Devaux);8-1

7TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Solid Asa Rock A (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-5

2 J Js Delivery (Shawn T Gray);5-1

3 Bet On Brett (Billy Dobson);7-2

4 Major Leaguer (J. Whittemore);10-1

5 Pantheon Hanover (Jim Devaux);12-1

6 Michaels Boy (Brian Cross);15-1

7 Chumlee A (Larry Stalbaum);8-1

8 Mcthirsty (Frank Coppola Jr);20-1

8TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,950.

1 Marc Et Master (Jim Devaux);5-1

2 Pinkribbon Warrior (Shawn T Gray);10-1

3 Americanation (Dan Cappello Jr);15-1

4 Quint Largo (Billy Dobson);12-1

5 Bet On Success (Steeven Genois);6-5

6 Cerberus N (Frank Coppola Jr);8-1

7 Scholz (Mcgwire Sowers);25-1

8 Rollovin (Phil Fluet);20-1

9 Gothic Rock (Mark Beckwith);7-2

9TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $4,815.

1 Nubble Light (C. Huckabone III);15-1

2 Suddenly Sam (Billy Dobson);6-1

3 Montera (Brett Crawford);8-1

4 Cracker Pullet (Steeven Genois);5-2

5 Skip Jive (Jimmy Whittemore);12-1

6 Winds Of Change (Jim Devaux);9-2

7 Hi Ho Steverino (Shawn T Gray);10-1

8 Glass Prince (Frank Coppola Jr);20-1

9 Sofer (Phil Fluet);8-5

10TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $12,500.

1 Star Of Terror (Jim Devaux);10-1

2 Golden Gun (Josh Kinney);15-1

3 In A Single Bound (Billy Dobson);4-1

4 Bet You (Mark Beckwith);8-1

5 Some Attitude (Frank Coppola Jr);6-1

6 Stratocaster (Steeven Genois);5-2

7 Black Chevron N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);3-1

8 Khun Ratha A (Larry Stalbaum);9-2

11TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Kiwi Tintin N (Frank Coppola Jr);5-2

2 Tenacious One A (Larry Stalbaum);7-2

3 Don’tcallmefrancis (Bruce Aldrich Jr);2-1

4 Twin B Famous (Jim Devaux);10-1

5 My Last Chance (Mcgwire Sowers);20-1

6 My Mind Is Madeup (J. Whittemore);6-1

7 Redhot Romeo (Claude Huckabone III);25-1

8 Blade Seelster (Mark Beckwith);15-1

12TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,760.

1 Passport To Art (Shawn T Gray);5-2

2 Webmaster Hanover (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-1

3 Cuz Im Rockin (Steeven Genois);3-1

4 Love Yourself (Jordan Derue);8-1

5 Carolina Magic (Phil Fluet);12-1

6 Damion Diesel Hahn (Mark Beckwith);4-1

7 Charlie Call Home (Jay Randall);15-1

8 Delightful Joe (Larry Stalbaum);10-1

9 Matty’s Legacy (Billy Dobson);9-2

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