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1ST RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $5,750.

1 Lady Elvis (Jay Randall);8-5

2 Xenia Onatopp (Brian Cross);5-1

3 Open Table (Steven Rybka);7-2

4 Little Liza Jane (C. Huckabone Jr);8-1

5 Rhodatoldme (Jim Devaux);10-1

6 Queen Cora (Evan Hoagland);15-1

7 Trussed Up Trudy (Billy Dobson);20-1

8 American Jo Jo (Mark Beckwith);12-1

2ND RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Sweet Royalty (Billy Dobson);6-5

2 Winter Mint (Brett Crawford);8-1

3 Dions Prayer (Steeven Genois);7-2

4 Here’s The Magic (Jay Randall);5-1

5 Mr Jesse (Brian Cross);10-1

6 Bolide De Nuit (Frank Coppola Jr);15-1

7 Savoir Faire (Bruce Aldrich Jr);12-1

8 New York Chrome (Jim Devaux);20-1

3RD RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $4,000.

1 Tell Me The Truth (Frank Coppola Jr);8-1

2 Brooklets Caleigh (Steeven Genois);6-1

3 Dustlanemissmolly (Billy Dobson);5-2

4 Millwood Faith N (Jim Devaux);4-1

5 West Liberty (Brian Cross);3-1

6 Jk Pearls Delight (Bruce Aldrich Jr);9-2

7 Kiss Kiss (Chris Long);20-1

4TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Hazels Dream (Frank Coppola Jr);5-2

2 Mightyoaks Katara (Steeven Genois);4-1

3 Oh Whata Nightjohn (Chris Long);10-1

4 Savannah Smiles (Brian Cross);8-1

5 Daisy Doll (Steven Rybka);12-1

6 Fade To Gold (Dan Cappello Jr);3-1

7 Sophie’s Surreal (Phil Fluet);9-2

8 Dancin Daisy (Jay Randall);6-1

5TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,760.

1 With Wings (Frank Coppola Jr);9-2

2 Bonzai Beach (Jay Randall);6-1

3 Antiguan Art (Brian Cross);8-1

4 Seeyouinlalaland (Billy Dobson);3-1

5 Marthas Star (Jim Devaux);4-1

6 I Got The Boy (Chris Long);10-1

7 Oh Mare Ahs Bella (B. Aldrich Jr);12-1

8 Smart Balance (Brett Crawford);15-1

9 The Bay Front (Mark Beckwith);5-2

6TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Flyhawk Honor Roll (Jay Randall);7-2

2 Chase You (Brett Crawford);6-5

3 Upsell Hanover (Phil Fluet);8-1

4 Miracle Ace (Jim Devaux);20-1

5 Roll With Mimi (Frank Coppola Jr);10-1

6 Dry Creek Gin (Steeven Genois);5-1

7 Eos N Rock (Billy Dobson);15-1

7TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,500.

1 Art Angel Baby (Mark Beckwith);5-2

2 Awake My Soul (Brett Crawford);6-1

3 Shutthefrontdoor (Phil Fluet);3-1

4 Thank The Bank (Billy Dobson);8-1

5 Wonderful World (Jay Randall);10-1

6 Queen Elsa (Steeven Genois);4-1

7 Uf Lana Rae (Jim Devaux);9-2

8TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Qing Qong Bluechip (Brian Cross);4-1

2 Justabitofcharm (Jay Randall);9-2

3 Tenwillgetutwenty (Bruce Aldrich Jr);15-1

4 Oporto Hanover (Brett Crawford);8-1

5 American Sombrero (F. Coppola Jr);10-1

6 Jayda Nicole (Billy Dobson);5-2

7 Reflexionofroyalty (Jim Devaux);3-1

9TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $4,815.

1 Triumphant’s Chip (Steeven Genois);5-2

2 Get To Doin It (Jim Devaux);3-1

3 East To Cincy (Jay Randall);9-2

4 Felona (Bruce Aldrich Jr);25-1

5 Capt Serious (Billy Dobson);4-1

6 Anja (Brian Cross);6-1

7 Put On The Day (Phil Fluet);10-1

8 Victory Blitz (Brian Walker);20-1

9 Galahad’s Quest (Frank Coppola Jr);8-1

10TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $10,000.

1 Amazing Amanda (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

2 Grays Slick (Jim Devaux);12-1

3 Delightful Trysta (Phil Fluet);7-2

4 Mississippi Charm (Jay Randall);5-2

5 Lippy Doo (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-1

6 Into The Night (Billy Dobson);25-1

7 Unusual Clarity (Mark Beckwith);8-1

11TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $4,500.

1 Riviera (Jim Devaux);5-2

2 Larjon Laney (Phil Fluet);8-1

3 Frenzie (Paul Suchow);6-1

4 Sometimes Graceful (F. Coppola Jr);7-2

5 Miss Profitability (Bruce Aldrich Jr);10-1

6 One Hand Keg Stand (Jay Randall);5-1

7 Pancakes (Billy Dobson);3-1

12TH RACE—Pace 1 Mile. Purse $12,500.

1 Neon Sky N (Mark Beckwith);8-1

2 Ok Jewel (Jim Devaux);6-1

3 Westsluckycam (Bruce Aldrich Jr);3-1

4 Tempus Seelster (Billy Dobson);4-1

5 Coveredndiamonds N (Jay Randall);8-5

13TH RACE—Trot 1 Mile. Purse $7,250.

1 Backfield N Motion (John Stark Jr);4-1

2 Naughty Fenn Way (Jay Randall);10-1

3 Gypsy Rain (Mark Beckwith);5-2

4 Fashion For Credit (Frank Coppola Jr);6-1

5 Aileen On You (Michael Mc Givern);8-1

6 Market Bre (Brian Cross);3-1

7 In A Godda Davita (Phil Fluet);12-1

8 Reckless Image (Brett Crawford);9-2

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