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1ST RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Mistress Angelina (Jim Devaux);2-1

2 Antiguan Art (Brian Cross);4-1

3 Brenda’s Got It (Gerry Mattison);3-1

4 Amazing Amanda (Billy Dobson);5-1

5 Daisy Doll (Phil Fluet);8-1

6 So So Sweet (Chris Long);10-1

7 Oporto Hanover (Frank Coppola);12-1

8 Reflexionofroyalty (Bruce Aldrich);20-1

2ND RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $15,000.

1 Youcouldbethatgirl (Dan Daley);3-1

2 The Russian Spy (Wally Hennessey);8-5

3 Weekend Wit Bigd (Frank Coppola);9-2

4 Baby Wants (Andy Miller);8-1

5 Pittstop Emerald (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-1

6 Sassy Massy (Mark Whitcroft);15-1

3RD RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $5,750.

1 Lady Elvis (Jay Randall);3-1

2 Shabang (Frank Coppola Jr);9-2

3 Quick Beat (Bruce Aldrich Jr);10-1

4 Miracle Ace (Jim Devaux);6-1

5 Flirtatious Me (Mark Beckwith);5-2

6 Best Honey Hanover (Jim Morrill);4-1

7 Little Liza Jane (Brian Cross);15-1

8 Miss Ella Rose (Billy Dobson);25-1

4TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $15,000.

1 Corrupt (Jim Morrill Jr);3-1

2 Michando (Marcus Miller);5-2

3 Miss Muscle (John Stark Jr);4-1

4 Haulin Banc (Wally Hennessey);6-1

5 Video Chic (Bruce Aldrich Jr);9-2

6 Squirely Girly (Frank Coppola Jr);10-1

5TH RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $14,500.

1 All Charged Up (Jay Randall);9-2

2 Rock N Roll Rosie (Jim Devaux);4-1

3 Embassy Seelster (Fern Paquet Jr);8-1

4 Sally Fletcher A (Bruce Aldrich Jr);5-2

5 Spreester (Frank Coppola Jr);3-1

6TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $15,000.

1 Lady Macbeth (Phil Fluet);8-1

2 Sevenbuyeleven (Billy Dobson);3-1

3 Somedew Somedont (M. Miller);12-1

4 Missus Mia Wallace (B. Aldrich);10-1

5 Ithinkthatsmine (Frank Coppola Jr);8-5

6 Eunice (Jim Morrill Jr);5-1

7TH RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Big Tyme Shooter (Jim Devaux);9-2

2 Miss B (Billy Dobson);10-1

3 City Limit Lady (Bruce Aldrich Jr);15-1

4 Lusty Delight (Phil Fluet);7-2

5 Fade To Gold (Mark Beckwith);5-2

6 Tobis Town (Chris Long);12-1

7 Queen Elsa (Daniel Dube);3-1

8 Miss Bling (Jay Randall);25-1

8TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $91,350.

1 Fury Road (Daniel Dube);6-5

1A Lucky Ava PP4 (Ake Svanstedt);6-5

2 A Gift For You (Marcus Miller);5-1

3 Repentance (Jim Morrill Jr);2-1

4 Girl Talk PP5 (Fern Paquet Jr);15-1

5 White Cheetah PP6 (W.Hennessey);8-1

6 Golden Muscle PP7 (B. Aldrich);12-1

7 Pine Bush Rose PP8 (Jim Devaux);25-1

9TH RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Flyhawk Honor Roll (Phil Fluet);6-5

2 Late Night Delight (E. Hoagland);10-1

3 Flying Penelope (Jim Devaux);8-1

4 Sports Delight (Mark Beckwith);4-1

5 Mississippi Charm (Glenn Raia);15-1

6 Just A Friend (Brian Cross);20-1

7 Larjon Laney (Billy Dobson);6-1

8 Tc Loving Cup (Bruce Aldrich Jr);25-1

10TH RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $7,250.

1 Sensationalgabby A (B. Crawford);7-2

2 Poppy Drayton N (Bruce Aldrich Jr);7-5

3 Ok Jewel (Jim Devaux);5-1

4 I Got The Boy (Chris Long);15-1

5 Happily Ever After (Jim Morrill Jr);10-1

6 All Speed Rising (Frank Coppola Jr);8-1

7 Viva La Voracious (Brian Cross);25-1

8 She’s Even Hotter (Jay Randall);12-1

11TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $89,950.

1 Natalie Hanover (Daniel Dube);6-5

1A Plunge Blue Chip (Ake Svanstedt);6-5

2 Tribute To Seven (W. Hennessey);8-1

3 Mooshka Stride (Marcus Miller);15-1

4 Cherry Peep (Dan Daley);12-1

5 Lima Novelty (Jim Morrill Jr);7-2

12TH RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $6,000.

1 Wonderful World (Jim Devaux);5-2

2 Rockin Desire (Jay Randall);6-1

3 Tempus Seelster (Billy Dobson);2-1

4 Always Covers (Frank Coppola Jr);10-1

5 Better Said (Brett Crawford);9-2

6 Frenzie (Paul Suchow);12-1

7 Under The Bus (Brian Cross);15-1

8 Media Queen N (Mark Beckwith);8-1

13TH RACE--Trot 1 Mile. Purse $6,500.

1 Grammy Winner (Bruce Aldrich Jr);6-5

2 Pain In The Mass (M. McGivern);7-2

3 Muscle Up Hazel (Dan Daley);8-1

4 Hot All Over (Frank Coppola Jr);15-1

5 Donttellvoula (Wally Hennessey);6-1

14TH RACE--Pace 1 Mile. Purse $4,280.

1 Roll With Ann (Frank Coppola Jr);4-1

2 Amispicyorwhat (Brian Cross);12-1

3 Uf Lana Rae (Billy Dobson);9-2

4 Simply Awesome (Mark Beckwith);6-1

5 Drea’s Good Powow (Jay Randall);5-2

6 Quid Pro Quo (Chris Long);3-1

7 Ideal Delight (Bruce Aldrich Jr);10-1

8 Whats Up Lucy (Jim Devaux);8-1

9 Victoria’s Munky (Brett Crawford);15-1

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