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Experiment failed, so kick out Trump

In 2016, Donald Trump, with a checkered business past and no governing experience, was simply an idea. A bad idea to most, but one worth taking a chance on for enough that he eked out an Electoral College victory to become president.

He has had four years to create a record to run on with little success. His tax cut goosed the stock market for a few months. In fact, the only panic he was worried about in his recorded interview with Bob Woodward was one in the market. To avoid that, he lied about the deadliness of COVID-19. No one panicked, but thousands died. And the market fell anyway. It has rebounded, but for how long and at what cost?

He hasn’t brought manufacturing jobs back as promised, and he endangers other jobs through his China trade war and disengagement from other trading partners around the world. Many economists are worried. And the rest of us should be, too.

Similarly, Trump treats our allies in Europe and elsewhere with disdain, while making excuses for thuggish dictators like Putin. Recently, we learned through sources confirmed by media outlets including Fox News that he holds the same attitude towards those who volunteer in our armed forces, calling them suckers and losers for not doing something more financially lucrative. And Republican politicians refuse to criticize him.

I remember when those “suckers and losers” were called patriots, and representatives of all political stripes would have called Trump out for what he is, a draft-dodging, philandering, tax-cheating liar.

Ladies and gentleman, the experiment has run its course. Whatever we thought we were getting, it’s not working. Fortunately, we get a do-over. Kick out Trump and his Republican enablers, and vote Democrat for a return to normalcy and decency.

Chris Devlin, Queensbury

Stefanik gives pass on COVID to Trump


I’m responding to Ms. Messitt who wrote, “(Rep. Stefanik) is holding Gov. Cuomo accountable for over 6,000 nursing home deaths.” Our rep’s job is to hold the federal executive branch accountable. We’re nearing 200,000 deaths nationally. I haven’t heard any critique of that toll from her.

She was blaming China awhile back. The Woodward book has dampened that, since the president knew of the severity of the disease in early February. In his own words, he downplayed it. The idea that it was to keep the public calm is a little hard to swallow. Mexican rapists and drug dealers before his election. Caravans of immigrants heading to the border that vanished immediately following the 2018 election. Currently, he’s exaggerating the violence at protests and warning “suburban housewives” about Cory Booker moving in next door.

The president is now holding indoor rallies against the wishes of health officials. Attendees are not asked to wear masks or distance. It’s a show of loyalty to him to flout safety rules that would protect them and others. In any case, he doesn’t ask them to.

There should be an investigation of Cuomo’s conduct to avoid future mistakes. It’s not political bravery on Stefanik’s part to call him out, though. We’ll all have a chance to render judgment on the governor in 2022. The incumbent president and representative can be judged in November. I’m voting for Joe Biden who won’t say “I’m not responsible,” and Tedra Cobb who I trust to hold both parties accountable.

Imagine another four years of a leader responsible for nothing. If you don’t believe Democrats are capable of taking their own to task, ask the fellow who used to be senator from Minnesota, Al Franken.

Kevin Robbins, Fort Edward

School community has been resilient


Our schools are the centerpiece of our community and these past months have truly demonstrated this.

Confronted with the immense challenges caused by COVID-19, the Lake George school community has stepped forward on the shared grounds of deep principle and service to our students. These difficult days have reinvigorated us with purpose, beckoned us to action, and made shared connections more meaningful. In a time when circumstances are confusing or unknowable, we have made better sense of ourselves. We have grown and are stronger.

Guided by Superintendent Lynne Rutnik, our school leadership and district stakeholders at every level partnered in the monumental task of readying us for the 2020-21 academic year. The Lake George district responded with strength and respect; engaging through email, phone, and forum participation. Whether asking questions, sharing perspectives, speaking in support, or expressing need, your voices helped shape our plans and infuse them with greater meaning and value.

It is a great honor to serve as a school board member in this unprecedented time. We have witnessed the brilliance of what we are collectively capable of and have been humbled by the generous offerings of extraordinary effort, expertise and excellence. Our gratitude cannot be overstated, and we thank each and every one of you.

We are ready to begin the journey of this new school year, with the knowledge that our work is not over. Situations are certain to challenge us. Our sustained partnerships will be essential. We have firm confidence in our district’s and greater community’s capacity to pull together and see us through. There is every reason to believe that this school year can be one of the most rewarding we will share together.

We are here for you.

Tricia Connor Biles


Lake George school board

Fighting darkness and principalities


This letter is a response to the one written by Carl Tucker on 8/25: “Public realizing media bias.’’

If you watch the news, any reasonable person would come to the conclusion that there is something fundamentally wrong with our society and the current state of affairs. Not only is the current trend unsustainable, it also begs the question of how we got on this road to self-destruction, leading to the worst state of humanity.

I would suggest that the answer can be found in the Gospel of Philip: The world system we inhabit came about due to a mistake.

To Mr. Tucker’s point, they’re not just realizing media bias exists but also more and more sober-minded, responsible, intelligent and substantial people are realizing that there is or has to be some kind of other, larger operation at work (that doesn’t have your best interests in mind) behind the scenes of the collective system but they can’t quite put their finger on it.

Maybe this will help from the Apostle Paul: We have a war not against flesh and blood but against principalities of this world and world rulers of darkness.

Does anyone really think that the government and the ruling class are making decisions to improve your lives given the way things are going right now?

Referring to the book of Matthew: By their fruits ye shall know them.

Look at what’s going on and see the fruits of the government and the ruling class, regarding the current system that’s in place, do you know them now … revealing isn’t it?

If people continue to ask questions and be skeptical of what’s happening in our major institutions, that’s a big step toward fixing this problem.

Gordon O’Neil, South Glens Falls


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