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Trump’s supporters shame our country


Fact: Obama and Bernanke saved our economy, the world economy, the banking industry and the U.S. auto industry. Trump inherited and ruined this economy. Bankers hate Obama. Why? Did he charge them criminally for the conspiracy to sell and distribute toxic financial instruments that hurt millions and damaged Main Street? Did he claw back ill-gotten profits from that catastrophe? No. He just rebuilt, paid down the national debt and improved our broken health care system.

So why do they hate him? Simple. There is no limit to greed. They want no regulation and ever-lower taxes no matter what that does to our country, exactly as Hamilton feared.

Trump is simply an instrument of greed, in power for the sole purpose of benefiting the 0.1%. His flock is manipulated by their weaknesses: racism, desire to force their religious beliefs on others, a quest for power, and the elimination of regulations that protect our air, water and real freedom.

Sacrificed to this self-serving mantra are basic research, infrastructure, health care, our Social Security and services or safety net, education, our Constitution, the Separation of Powers Doctrine, an independent Justice Department, inspector generals, efforts to combat climate change and pandemics, voting in free and fair elections and our ability to unite as one people.

The Republicanism of Washington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Grant, Eisenhower and George H. W. Bush puts country above self. Leaders must put the welfare of the people before themselves. There was a saying, “Noblesse Oblige,” meaning the haves must give the have-nots a hand now and then. Our parents and grandparents believed those values and won World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, uniting behind this ideal. Republicans and Democrats cooperated because they shared these values. Trumpites share none of these values. They shame our great country.

Al Scoonzarielli, Moreau

Resigning is right thing for Stefanik


Seeing Elise Stefanik’s latest, nauseating, adoring admiration for her emperor in the COVID-19 steaming soup of Tulsa on June 20 proves she’s a perfect role model — for political greed, ego, selfishness, lack of ethics and ineptitude.

Stefanik prefers traveling to a COVID-19 hot spot at the demand of her racist boss, yet refuses to meet with constituents here unless the audience is stacked with fans and soft topics.

She aligns with a psychopath responsible for turning a pandemic into a not-so-subtle American genocide. She adheres to his fake accusation by blaming COVID-19 on China — another lie she eagerly swallows with a disinfectant chaser.

She lends unbridled support to use of congressionally approved military funds — earmarked to improve the lives of our soldiers and their families — to construct a useless wall. Her constituents at Fort Drum and Mexican taxpayers must be thrilled. She has no comment after a federal court on June 26 ruled the scam illegal.

The wall’s best use is providing Trumpty Dumpty with a place to have a great fall, though his faithful servant willingly goes first.

Stefanik transformed into his attack dog during House impeachment proceedings by obnoxiously insisting she question witnesses outside her allotted time. Her embarrassing and infantile temper tantrum ensued, even after it was pointed out she’d be violating rules established by her previous House Republican majority.

She voted to dismantle the Affordable Care Act as ordered by her master, without whiff of a suitable replacement, to the detriment of her district’s needy constituents. Her callous attitude is disgraceful in light of the “Cadillac” health plan afforded solely to our unworthy federal elected representatives.

Stefanik’s support of a serial adulterer and admitted female molester is an unforgivable insult to all women. It alone requires her immediate resignation.

November is too far away

Dominic Tom, Moreau

Sometimes, things rebound on you


Recently, your paper published my letter about the frivolous lawsuit against the city brought by APEX (a Trump support group). I spoke briefly to the question of whose First Amendment rights were being trampled on and how the contentious opposition to the permit requirement might have been avoided had the police enforced the New York state Penal Law, disorderly conduct, by arresting those very same people who are now suing the mayor and chief who failed to arrest them.

Think about the irony of it.

  • The Trumpers misbehave by disrupting a peaceful assembly of protesters and the peaceful protesters refuse to engage in Trumpian bully antics;
  • The police have the law at their disposal to squelch dissent against the peaceful protesters, but they don’t arrest the aggressors;
  • The peaceful protesters demand — through meetings and petitions — that the chief do his job by enforcing the law;
  • The city ignores the pleas of the peaceful protesters and imposes a permit law that does not apply to spontaneous gatherings during national crises;
  • The emboldened Trump supporters, never concerned with the repercussions of arrests and fines and possible jail time, slap the mayor and the police chief, who turned a blind eye to them, with a lawsuit citing their First Amendment rights are being violated!

Mayor Hall, the chief and the Common Council chose to ignore the simple solution — the law.

Funny how these things come back to slap you in the face.

Agata Stanford, Glens Falls

Marching is a right that everyone has


Agata Stanford’s letter accusing two of APEX’s founding members of not being civil and that they supported her version of the detention facilities at the southern border is I believe not among the reasons Agata pushed for the permit system in Glens Falls.

In October, she told the City Council, “Agata Stanford, head of New Resistance USA, says she feared for her safety during a rally in August.” Coincidentally, it was that rally where six of the demonstrators with her group were arrested for trespassing. She created a group when Trump was elected to “resist.”

The problem I see today is BLM and Antifa as well as the “We the People” rallies do not seek dialogue. They think the right to free speech and assembly only belongs to them. When confronted with an opposing view, they shout people down and throw insults, which usually brings a return from some people.

I have been at several APEX rallies and Fe and Dave have not resorted to the behavior being accused by Agata. Agata is a Democratic activist as are many in her group. APEX, from what I can see, is a group from the majority of voters who supported the president and Elise Stefanik on Election Day.

On Agata’s Facebook when drumming up support for a march on Sept. 21, 2019, she said they were marching for the “right to assemble, speak truth to power and demand to be heard.” Funny, she abandons that when her opposition fights for those very same rights.

Why isn’t Agata condemning the unlawful protests that have resulted in impeding traffic, occupying private property, resisting lawful commands of police and in many cases, created conditions for riots, vandalism and assaults taking place all over the country? Her caring and “resistance” started after Hillary was defeated.


Nicholas Collins, Glens Falls

Stefanik does not care about district


I read Mr. McDevitt’s letter regarding our “representative” from the 21st District, Elise Stefanik, with great interest. I agree wholeheartedly with the points he makes. It is obvious that Ms. Stefanik cares nothing of our district or the people in it. She is totally a puppet for the current administration. Ms. Stefanik does not come from this district — claiming your family’s vacation home might technically qualify you but in no way does it make you a knowledgeable representative.

Where was Ms. Stefanik when our district was in isolation and quarantine? Where was she when businesses were closed, many of which will never re-open? Where was she when people were losing their jobs? Where was she when we all chose to wear masks and social-distance to bring down the infection rate? She was not here, she was busy genuflecting to party bureaucrats in an effort to further her career.

Her lack of caring for her staff and the people she “represents” was glaringly evident in Tulsa when she went there, refusing to take basic safety precautions advised by the CDC and other leading experts. She chose not to wear a mask to garner favor from higher-ups, with no regard for her staff or other people she will contact and potentially infect. She cares nothing of being a representative and everything about furthering her career. This is merely an item on her resume to the next level.

I hope people remember this. I hope they remember how little she cares about us and how much she is willing to do to further herself.

Steven Bott, Easton

Town needs to get its solar code right


As a farmer, I am saddened and disappointed to read the proposed town of Moreau solar code. Unfortunately, the proposal effectively would eliminate an opportunity for farmers who are interested in solar to help support their farm and preserve their land.

This said, watching the Town Council meeting on Wednesday June 24, I was very pleased to hear most of the members of the Town Council express a desire to see the proposal amended to reach a balanced approach.

I have been “pleasantly” surprised to see so many people of our town support our desire to preserve our “family farm.” People understand that to achieve a better future, for my family and other families who want to carry on the farming traditions, we need to adapt.

The proposed solar code does not support our ability to adapt and preserve our family farm. If the prohibitions on siting and the lot coverage requirements were adopted by the town I grew up in with my 12 siblings, our family farm would be in danger, because grid scale solar projects would be infeasible in the agricultural district.

The proposed draft code does not foster a positive relationship between agriculture, the environment, solar and the community, but instead will lead to more pressure to convert farms to single family homes. If we want productive farms in this town, we must reject this code and draft something that is sensible and helps the farm families of the town of Moreau meet the many challenges ahead. We have been given a great opportunity to be able to show our family, our kids how to be honest, forthright and seek compromise for the greater good.

I know together, we can draft something that supports the long-term well-being of Moreau and its citizens. Let’s get this right.

Patrick Killian, Gansevoort

Our health coverage must be protected


Years ago, I lost my health care and had to shop the “free market” for a plan I could afford. I had several pre-existing conditions: nerve deafness, a history of endometriosis (and subsequent hysterectomy), and a sprained ankle I’d suffered two years previously. I found an insurance company that would cover me, but only for conditions that were not related to my ears, my reproductive system and my ankle. I was desperate and took it, gambling that I would not need coverage for these excluded conditions before I got better insurance, which I expected to do soon.

Time passes. With the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), I had coverage for the hearing aids I needed, for twice-yearly checkups I needed for the pre-cancerous condition that began afflicting my reproductive system, and for the ankle fracture I sustained. If I’d had to cover the costs of treating these issues myself, it would have cost me over $30,000.

I remember the panic I felt when I realized my health insurance was full of holes. And the gratitude I felt when Obamacare provided me with coverage for my pre-existing conditions, preventative care, and a health plan I could actually afford.

In the midst of the worst public health crisis our country has known, Donald Trump petitions the Supreme Court to take down Obamacare and its protections for people with pre-existing conditions. His ardent supporter, Rep. Elise Stefanik (who has voted to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions and advocated for cuts to Medicare) is at his side.

They evidently think that large numbers of North Country people are disposable — that we’ll either die or be too apathetic to vote.

But we who need access to affordable, comprehensive health care have other choices. Vote for Joe Biden and Tedra Cobb!

Henrietta Jordan, Keene Valley

Thanks to school for staging graduations


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the administration of the Queensbury Union Free High School for a tremendous job in putting on no less than eight separate graduation ceremonies.

This was to give each member of the graduating class of 293 the thrill and excitement of walking up on a stage to receive their diploma. This was a huge undertaking, figuring the weather would have to cooperate, which it did on Friday but Saturday was a different story — but persevering, they were able to pull it off.

My wife and I (she passed last November), but she was there in spirit, I’m sure, enjoyed seeing our twin grandchildren, Abby and Ross Caimano, graduate. Congratulations to them and may God bless them in their future.

Carl H. Ross, Queensbury


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