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Evidence against Trump compelling


The other night I had a strange dream. I have been retired for a number of years now. I watch a lot of daytime TV. I watch all three cable news networks. I have been astonished at how these news outlets cover the news. It seems that they are in different universes. The Fox News network seems to be in a fictional world, not all of the commentators. Shepard Smith was one, there are a couple of others. His sudden departure from the network was surprising. Could it have to do with pressure from management? We may find out in the future. Anyway, I have followed this impeachment inquiry closely. I find the evidence against the president compelling. Back to the dream. I dreamed that I saw the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil, wearing MAGA caps ... ummmm.

Rick Garms, Argyle

Some concerns about South St.


I will soon end my tenure as a Glens Falls Supervisor representing the 4th Ward, which includes our downtown South Street. It has been an honor to serve in the city’s politics these past 38 years. My projects for our city include updating our zoning code in the ‘80s, bringing back two-way traffic to downtown in the ‘90s, building our water towers in the ‘90s, and, installing on-street parking along Hudson Avenue in the early 2000s.

One issue that concerns me greatly is the redevelopment of South Street.

The area, which is the intersection of South, Broad and School, is called Union Square. This intersection was redesigned several years ago as a response to Albany saying that it was a failed intersection. The engineering company that redesigned the intersection did a great job fixing this intersection as far as traffic goes, but it had a huge negative impact on the pedestrian and commercial attractiveness of Union Square.

I have been trying for years, beginning with the public hearings for the redesign, to have a more effective design: to address the needs of traffic flow and improve commercial viability and pedestrian comfort.

With the $10 million project, there is a garden planned for the corner of School and South. Currently, that is a useless corner because of the intersection design. My plan would make that corner and surrounding area commercially desirable, easy for cars, and wonderful for pedestrians.

Put a round-about in Union Square, widen School Street and make School two-way, and put a traffic light on Hudson where it intersects School.

The favorite complaint of politicians is to blame nonprofit organizations for our high taxes. The favorite promise is to lower taxes. My plan would contribute to success of the future farmers’ market. And, it would increase our tax base.

Bill Loeb, Glens Falls

Just one account of Trump rally


Here’s an account of the Hudson Falls Nov. 3 pro-Trump rally:

Since I was the (only) counter protester, the Trumpers started swearing, laughing at my sign, name calling, chanting, inciting, just generally being ill-natured. I did not respond. They were standing way on edge of Juckett Park’s sidewalk, letting their banners flag into the road space where traffic was trying to get by.

My sign was hung on a pole next to my American flag, and it read, “Border Babies (are saying) Goodbye Mommy Forever.” Soon a guy came across the street where I sat in front of St. Mary’s/St. Paul’s Church. He wanted me to smile pretty so he could photograph me. I guess that means I’m now in pro-Trumper’s “who to hate” files. After about 45 minutes, a lady crossed over and said if I knew the long haired “Teresa,” standing in park with a clump of about a dozen other people. I replied I didn’t know her. She made a little more small talk. Then just before she left, she said if I kept staying (on this church front concrete), someone could easily run me over. I then said to myself, “Yeah, like your Trumpers, white nationalist companions did at the southern tiki rally?” Since I knew that God is on the side of the separated children at our southern borders, I wasn’t afraid.

Nita Reynolds-Stansberry, Hudson Falls


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