It’s never too late to initiate change


After watching the early morning news on TV, it seems like we are out of control in our country. Some people say don’t watch the news. I say let’s not bury our heads in the sand anymore as the bad stuff continues to get worse and worse. It’s time to take strong measures with all the bad going on and take our country back.

I know some folks say it’s too late. They are wrong. It’s never too late. We need smart people that know what to do. We need our laws to change and put the bad people away for a long time. Everyone knows there are too many guns and shootings going on all over, plus all the rest of the bad stuff. It has to stop.

We can do this if we want to, and we should. Let’s get started in the right direction once and for all. For the good of our country, our people, our children, we have to start this process now. We have to back our law enforcement so they can start to clean up the mess we are in.

I hope the paper prints this, as the time is way overdue to really make America great again for all the good people.

Sid Gordon, Saratoga

Ancestry should give us perspective


When subscribing to the popular “ancestry” DNA programs, you will receive information about your personal family history. This is a service that even the white male working class Americans should educate themselves with. Along with charts and maps, there are descriptions of the many “great migrations” tracing our origins to way back. Migrations all over, like in Asia, Africa, North and South Americas, the Middle East, Europe, you name it! Not one of us can claim to be an “original.” Even our Native Americans had a South American starting point. Migrations took place many times because conditions “at home” became intolerable. One million Irish, plus Scottish Highlanders, had to migrate to England and America in the 1840s because of the potato famine; and the Scottish landlords in particular demanded the growers to leave the land to make room for the more profitable sheep herds Scotts into real estate, profiting from their brothers’ misfortunes.

And yes, I have Scottish ancestors (and thank you Random House Publishing for your history books.) Highlanders and Irish that could afford passage to America got to have a fresh start. After receiving that fresh start, certain descendants of Scotland today call immigration by Mexicans “illegal,” denying the Mexicans the same fresh start that they, the Scotts themselves, received (and “Scott free.”)

If there are people out there who don’t care about babies from the southern border who are still, to this day, being separated from their parents, then I propose a subject you can care about — your stomachs. There are foods that were brought here with the great migrations from South America; beans, corn, sweet and white potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash. Our president puts ketchup on everything. Doesn’t he know about the tomato’s origins?

Nita Reynolds-Stansberry, Hudson Falls

Radio hosts tell time in strange way


Where did this ridiculous method of telling time on the radio come from? Instead of saying “its 6:15,” they now say “it’s 15 minutes from the bottom of the hour,” or, instead of saying “9:45,” they say “it’s 15 minutes from the top of the hour.” Are we supposed to guess what the “hour” is?

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Why not go back to our childhood when we told time by saying “the big hand is on six and the little hand is on nine.” That would make more sense.

We dare the person(s) who dreamed this nonsense up to admit it was them.

R.R. Mion, Hudson Falls

Upstate gets nothing from state taxes


Upstate New York has a problem, and the problem is New York City and its lawmakers. In this last legislative session, upstate found out how little we matter to those in charge now in Albany, except when it comes to tax time. Laws were passed no matter the objection from which group, gun owners, farmers, teachers, businesses, it didn’t matter to those now in charge of how this state is run; those who went to Albany to voice their opinions might as well have been talking to the trees, which of course there are now more regulations on. Instead, the funding was cut in places where it’s needed, Lyme disease research, road and town projects, etc. but hey, we now have the most glamorous rest areas in the country; who minds if the roads to get to them are crumbling.

What’s clear is that upstate is no longer represented. Sure, we have lawmakers we elect, but they’re ignored, silenced or just plain drowned out; they are the party of Trump after all, why listen to them? So now what we have, no matter where you fall in the spectrum, is more coming out of our pockets to pay for NYC’s subway issues, Cuomo’s social programs like no cash bail that’s going to cost every county money to have to pay for the extra man hours. More people will flee this state; the rest will suffer for it. The only solution left is to divide New York, make NYC its own entity and do it quick, while there is still something left of upstate to save. Because right now, it’s all taxation without representation, and upstate is being bled out like a hog getting ready for the slaughter.

David LaPell, Pottersville

Trump would not be given citizenship


My wife wants to become an American citizen and will fill out her Form N-400, “Application for Naturalization.” This is a very fascinating document because, beyond simple questions like eye color, height, etc., it has several questions to find out what kind of person you are. Are you a criminal? Are you a clear and present danger to the United States? Are you morally fit to be an American?

Under Part 12, “Additional Information about You,” questions include: “Have you ever been a member of a terrorist organization?” “Have you ever worked or were associated with the Nazi government of Germany?” “Were you ever involved with genocide, torture, killing or trying to kill someone?” The list of undesirable high crimes and misdemeanors goes on.

However, the most interesting question is: “Have you ever persecuted (either directly or indirectly) any person because of race, religion, national origin, membership in a particular social group or political opinion?” This question assumes that to be truly American, the answer has to be “No,” and that a basic ideal of our great country is that racism, bigotry and hatred toward minorities is un-American.

It comes as a great shock then that President Donald Trump would have to answer “Yes” to question 12, if he were honest. Indeed, if he was applying to become an American citizen, he would be rejected — failing a basic qualification of Form 400. Trump is a racist, pure and simple. His hateful rhetoric against blacks, Hispanics and immigrants is the match lighting the fire of rabid white supremacism like El Paso. Elise Stefanik, failing to formally condemn Trump’s hate speech via bipartisan resolution, makes her complicit — abetting, not curbing, Trump’s hateful speech. It’s time to be bipartisan about this: Both Stefanik and Trump should be driven from office in 2020.

Mark MacWilliams, Canton

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