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Letter to the edtior: We face unknown during this crisis

Letter to the edtior: We face unknown during this crisis



On Tuesday, the President discussed in an interview opening businesses and churches. "I think Easter Sunday and you'll have packed churches all over our country, I think it would be a beautiful time. And it's just about the timeline I think is right," said Mr. Trump.

Pastors face a challenge. It is not easy to care for the spiritual wellness of others. The task becomes more difficult when the physical well-being of congregants and communities is at stake. The decision to have closed doors is not hard. Life is too precious. People do not live to serve the economy. The economy exists to serve people.

Awaiting the unknown in this unfolding crisis, we need the hope that is offered on Easter Sunday. The Gospel of Mark ends with a scene of women going to a burial site to honor the dead. These women find an empty tomb. An angel appears telling them that Jesus is risen! The church has proclaimed this ever since. The women are instructed to go tell Jesus’ disciples to meet him in Galilee. Mark states the women left, afraid.

Fear grips our hearts when we are uncertain. There seems to be no more certain thing than death. Yet, Jesus is risen. This is the beautiful message. Nothing can stop God’s love; not faults or failures, not a virus or downturn, not even death. We do not need to gather to comfort the scattered people of God. Choose wisdom over fear and you will find faith.

From a pastor’s heart please hear. Do not go to a service on Easter Sunday. Be the church. Donate to a church or organization helping workers and families. Volunteer, with safe social distancing, at local organizations that are overwhelmed. Find a Bible online or on your shelf and read a gospel.

Shane Diener, Bakers Mills


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