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Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

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Food program can help local families


Once winter comes, work slows down or stops for many residents of the Tri-County Region. Construction, farm and retail workers and others with seasonal tourism jobs often struggle to make ends meet when the weather turns cold or when the holiday season ends.

What’s more, the COVID-19 pandemic has left many in our community out of work. Finding a new job or part-time job to begin to make up for the loss of hours and income takes time, and can be more challenging than ever. During these times, having enough to feed a family can be hard, even for those regularly accessing area food pantries.

People who are working but are not getting enough hours, or who are looking for a job, including those receiving unemployment insurance benefits, may be eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP helps many families in our region stretch their food budget by providing monthly benefits on an EBT card that can be used at most grocery stores and many farmers markets. During the pandemic, all SNAP households are receiving the maximum monthly benefit they are eligible for, which is an additional lifeline for many.

The Nutrition Outreach and Education Program can help you learn if you are eligible for SNAP. A coordinator can also help you complete and submit an application, often in less than 10 minutes.

For more information, contact the Warren County SNAP Coordinator at 518-793-6212 or 518-424-7525.

Bennet Driscoll, Glens Falls

Catholic Charities

Support for Trump is inexplicable


As someone who respects our human ability to question, to think deeply and critically, I’m always shocked by our human capacity to deny what is obvious: to call the devastating wildfires, catastrophic hurricanes, flooding, droughts, warming oceans, melting glaciers, extinctions, global warming and climate change a “hoax,” the deadly COVID-19 virus spreading as “not serious.” Or Trump claiming mail-in votes fraudulent, the Democrats stealing the election, he the winner — despite all bipartisan election officials, governors, district attorneys saying it was the “most secure in American history” with no evidence of cheating.

Not conceding to what is obvious, to admit loss, Trump undercuts voting, our country, democracy; refusing to allow Biden to receive briefings and funding necessary for a smooth transition of power, more than 150 national security offices seeing this delay “as a serious risk to national security.”

Trump’s constant misinformation, his belief that he alone “knows” — science, medicine, reality — are dangerous. Those with integrity have left his administration or been threatened or fired for “disloyalty.”

What is shocking is not his totally predictable lies, narcissism, cruelty, but the silent and often verbal complicity of most of his Republican loyalists, including our representative Stefanik, not naming or restraining the danger.

Even more horrifying to me is how so many people believe his words despite all evidence, logic, reason. Trump may feel himself chosen by God or that he is God, but how could so many “good people” believe him, support him, collaborate? Look at those leading his denial: Guiliani, Alex Jones, Q Anon Greene, Roger Stone, the Patriot Boys, white supremacists, neo-Nazis...

And by what strange manipulation and propaganda did justice, equality, medical care for all, raising the minimum wage, protecting air and water, preserving earth, Black Lives Matter, wearing masks, science, biodiversity, caring, kindness ... become the “dangerous enemies.”

Bernice Mennis,

West Fort Ann

Stop focusing on Trump’s behavior


For four years, narcissistic reality TV star Donald Trump has manipulated news media organizations into keeping the spotlight on him. While news outlets know it, they nonetheless continue to buy into it. I guess it sells newspapers and commercials on television. That is the only explanation I can think of for allowing this to continue. The Post-Star is just as guilty as any other respectable newspaper.

On Sunday, Nov. 8, the Post-Star headlined “Biden Prevails” as he was declared the president-elect. However, Trump was in the headlines of the front pages of the Post-Star five times in the next eight days. During the same time period, Biden’s name has only appeared twice in front page headlines. Four of the five times we see Trump’s name, the article has to do with how he has not conceded the election and the fifth time concerned Trump saying that he was going to withhold the emerging vaccines from New York because he didn’t like Gov. Cuomo.

In the meantime, President-elect Biden has been moving ahead with plans for how he intends to govern, which is more deserving of front-page headlines. Why do you force your readers to search the inside pages of the Post-Star to learn about the significant headway that is being made by the future Biden administration?

Maybe it is time the Post-Star stops being manipulated by President Trump and headlining what he is not doing and starts to focus on what President-elect Biden is doing.

Roy Hansen, Glens Falls

All of us strained by this pandemic


COVID-19 has greatly exacerbated the concerns I have about my husband’s ongoing medical issues. He’s a liver transplant recipient, stroke survivor, diabetic and has a host of other health problems, including kidney failure. It’s scary in a pandemic, to say the least. I’m doing my best to take care of him and keep him protected from the harms of COVID-19 at this time.

On another note, I’m a retired registered nurse with decades of experience. More than ever before, I’m aching for the nurses and medical staff throughout New York state, especially for my former friends and colleagues.

Given my expertise and personal experience, I know that what we need to fully put an end to the COVID-19 crisis is a safe, effective vaccine. Our domestic biopharmaceutical industry is hard at work and what a relief it was to hear Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine news — especially as cases continue to increase.

I hope our newly elected leaders recognize this work and ensure that companies can continue this important work. We need legislation and policies in place that support innovation, not discourage it. Specifically, I’m concerned about government price-setting policies. Price-setting policies could impose upon the very research being done to end the crisis we are currently in, putting patients like my husband in greater danger.

This crisis is putting an intolerable amount of burden on nurses and doctors throughout our area and across the country. Every day, this crisis continues puts further strain on Americans, our patients and our medical personnel.

Hilary Cooper-Kenny,

Hudson Falls

Confederate flag is a racist symbol


I am, once again, astonished and incensed that people are writing letters to the Post-Star editors, defending the display of the Confederate flag and denigrating Will Doolittle for calling out what it is: a racist symbol.

That flag did not exist before the southern states seceded from the union and declared war on the United States of America for one purpose and one purpose only: to maintain the institution of slavery. As such, it is a symbol of slavery and racism and nothing else.

I’m sick of the egregious lie that this disgusting rag stands for “southern heritage” (unless it’s a southern heritage of slavery and racism) or has any meaning other than that of subjugation of the Black race. It is also astonishing to me that southerners who never owned slaves fought so determinedly to preserve the wealth of slave owners, most of whom were excused from serving in the war, a phenomenon we still see today in the form of Trump supporters!

Let me be clear; people have the right, under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, to display that or any other flag on their private property. Likewise, other citizens have the right to completely disassociate themselves from such people and never patronize their businesses or anything they associate themselves with and isolate them socially to the maximum extent possible, because they have disclosed themselves as hateful racists.

If you want to wear the scarlet letter “R” on your person, by displaying a symbol of hate, slavery and racism, abide the consequences!

D. Neal Iverson, Queensbury


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