This is in response to a letter from Ron Hintz in the Aug. 3 paper. He starts out with "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat." Then continued on with Trump's new propaganda tool. He is now using the word “socialist” to describe all Democrats, and convincing his followers that they want a socialist government.

Really Ron, can't you come up with something on your own? You really think that recirculating Trump’s lies is the way to go? Just this morning I read that after Kim Jong-un fired more missiles, that Trump flattered him by saying he "has a great and beautiful vision for his country." This is your so-called president's way of handling a dangerous situation. Our debt is piling up with no end in sight and he hasn't even addressed that. In his campaign, he was going to "eliminate" it. He's adding to it! I keep hearing how our economy is doing great. For who, the richest in this country? Many businesses are closing including where I work, and more are closing every week. So what are the Republicans that you speak of doing about it? Nothing! Trump continues on a daily basis tweeting and insulting everyone in his childish rants. What do his fellow Republicans do about it? Nothing. And now Mitch McConnell won't even allow any bills to come to the floor to be voted on concerning cyber security for our elections. So if Trump remains in office, guess what this country is going to have? Nothing!

June Woodard, Queensbury

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