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I hope the Nunes memo is the beginning of opening up long closed FBI files. Since our own Rep. Stefanik supported this action, we should feel free to write with our requests for more files to be opened. I’ve included a few suggestions:

1) Jimi Hendrix — Is it true that Jimi Hendrix has an FBI file? This is unacceptable, especially if you’ve heard that awesome “Star Spangled Banner” he played. If anything on Jimi Hendrix is still declassified, now is the time to come clean.

2) JFK — If I had a dollar for every time me and my friends argued about JFK’s assassination mystery, I’d be benefiting from the new tax cuts. Let’s open the rest of it up and give Senator Cruz some peace from the accusations leveled against his father.

3) Al Capone — I think it’s safe now.

4) Whitney Houston, The Grateful Dead and Beyonce. We’re not here to argue about my musical tastes, only to put this toxic use of intelligence behind us.

5) That Nunes memo before it was altered for release. Some of it won’t look too good, but at least we’ll know they’re not compromising national security to score a couple political points.

Rep. Stefanik has not yet answered my requests, but if anyone would like to add to them, our Congress should know she has our support in changing its approach to intelligence.

Thanks in advance!

Ernest Woodhouse, Saratoga Springs