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Letter to the editor: Whitehead uncovered an ongoing fraud

Letter to the editor: Whitehead uncovered an ongoing fraud



The recent David Decker sentence of 8-24 years for fraud is the final chapter of taxpayer money abuse. He committed numerous felony acts against the taxpayers of New York.

To accomplish committing fraud for so many years, sadly, a few local town supervisors failed in their responsibility to safeguard our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Before the state would release millions of dollars of taxpayer money to a town and then the town pay Decker, the town’s supervisors had to sign a request form, certifying they had done their due diligence in ensuring they had followed all laws and everything was legit, and everyone had been or would be paid.

Sadly, supervisors Conover from Bolton Landing, Strough and Stec from Queensbury, and Blais from Lake George did sign off on these forms, but the reality was Decker was committing fraud over and over again without these supervisors catching the crimes.

In fact, it still bothers me to see a copy of a check for just 1 of the projects made out to David J. Decker for over $476,000 from the Queensbury town bank account. The check was signed by Queensbury Supervisor Dan Stec and board member Tim Brewer.

This stealing of taxpayer money would have gone on for even more years if watchdog Queensbury resident Travis Whitehead did not intervene and not only figure out the scam but take his findings to the county Sheriff’s Office. He unraveled how towns and their officials had been duped and theft had occurred.

From all residents of Warren County to Mr. Whitehead: thank you for all you do. Mr. Whitehead has refused invites to join the Democratic or Republican parties, remaining a staunch independent voice for Queensbury residents.

Doug Beaty, Queensbury


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