Letter to the editor: Whitehead should get open seat

Letter to the editor: Whitehead should get open seat



I’m responding to Stuart Field’s “letter” to The Post Star editor on Wednesday, March 18. I agree with Stuart that Whitehead “should” get the seat based on the positive things he has done.

However, I have to ask, why is this  not happening?

Why should a resident in Argyle concern himself with what happens in Ward 4 of Queensbury?

A year ago Whitehead chose to pick on “nursing homes” in our area and we chose to come and talk to the Warren County Board of Supervisors about it and discovered what a wonderful bunch of elected representatives they are. It would be really nice to keep them that way.

It would be nice if the board could select a replacement, because they are the ones that will have to live with him.

Or you can believe that the board is a bunch of incompetents and need someone to keep them in line, as Whitehead would have us believe.

I fail to see where Whitehead has done anything as an engineer except try to impress us with his superior education.

I invite anyone to look me up on Google to see who I am as another engineer.

I now choose to support nursing homes in our area to the best of my ability.

I see Whitehead as supporting himself at the expense of others and the board. As a resident he can continue to offer his advice, if he chooses to.

He was very upset recently when he was denied appointment to the IDA. He ran as an independent because he was denied endorsement by the Republicans. Why? He has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide.

Ron Hintz, Argyle


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