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Letter to the editor: What Elise cares about is what Trump wants

Letter to the editor: What Elise cares about is what Trump wants


What Trump wants is Elise’s concern


Elise, killing innocent people is fine with you?

Elise Stefanik praised President Trump’s walk to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church June 1, a walk involving police and the National Guard using tear gas and flash-bang grenades to chase away people peacefully protesting the police killing of the unarmed George Floyd.

Stefanik, in a tweet called this “an incredibly important moment.” Trump, as promised, has deployed the military to stop constitutionally protected protesting around the country. He has simulated martial law in Oregon and now has sent military troops to Chicago (both Democratically led, which is no coincidence). Martial law is a favorite tactic used by dictators who want complete control.

Once again, Trump is breaking our United States laws to create chaos and further divide our country. Do we really want leadership in Washington (Trump and his loyal Elise) who say they want to unify but work so hard to divide our country, as exemplified by Trump’s retweet: “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” and his threat to “unleash the dogs.”

Tedra Cobb cares about all American citizens, unlike Elise Stefanik, who by her actions has shown that, in reality, she only cares about what Donald Trump wants.

Judy Beers, Lake George


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