Letter to the editor: We need leadership, not fantasies

Letter to the editor: We need leadership, not fantasies



At times of crisis, folks show their true colors. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is unfortunately flying the black flag. In The Post-Star, she chastises China for allowing the COVID-19 virus to spread.

She wants an investigation! She wants China to pay! She wants someone to blame!

Is she auditioning for "The Elise Angle" on Fox? Is that her game?

Instead of working for the common good and confronting the health crisis for her constituents and nation, Stefanik wants to waste government resources investigating China for what is already past and done.

We need masks and ventilators now. We need to keep people as safe as possible now. We need to separate and stop the spread now. We don't need her mentor Trump's pipe dream that there will be a miracle and the virus will be gone.

We need science to fight a virus, not Trump's wishful thinking that the churches be full at Easter because "that would be nice."

We don't need Stefanik's and Trump's belief that the economy, their code for the stock market and their re-election, is more important than our lives.

Catherine Fay Roberts, Schuylerville


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