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Letter to the editor: We need better GOP officials


Enough is enough! It is time for the Republican Party to start electing people who actually care about this country! This is getting tiresome that only a small percentage of them care enough to vote on a bill that will benefit all Americans.

Thank you to the ones who care more for the country than the party. I remember back in 2017 when Steve Scalise was shot and Democrats and Republicans united and considered themselves "family." Now, we have a Republican senator tweeting a violent video depicting Alexandria Octasio-Cortez being killed by him! Really!? The response from Republican leaders? Silence. They appear increasingly tolerant of at least some persistent level of violence in American discourse, or at least willing to turn a blind eye to it.

There used to be a time when Republicans worked with Democrats to agree on passing bills. They worked together for the good of the country. They were adults! Today we have members in Congress that believe in wild conspiracy theories that children laugh at! They belong in mental health facilities, not Congress!

If there are any Republicans out there that are willing to run for Congress, who are intelligent, knowledgeable of government, care about the country, and are willing to work with opposing parties, please step up to the plate! If no one like that exists anymore, then Republicans should close shop. This country will no longer tolerate you. We deserve better.

June Woodard, Queensbury



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