Have “We the People” turned our power over to others? We are the strongest voice for change. We may have been manipulated into thinking that all gun laws are to be changed. We must find a healthy balance that protects the innocent!

The leadership’s reaction and inaction to the massacre we have just endured speaks volumes to our hearts! Politicians in the pockets of lobbyists are not free to stand in solidarity protecting us and our children. Consider Paul Ryan’s response, “Let’s not jump to conclusions.” Choosing not to act sends a clear message, “we are willing to sacrifice more of our future!”

If not now, when do “We the People” get involved to activate a balanced compromise? Now is the time to act! “We the People” need to lead the way! Call and keep calling our Congress representatives to bring change! If there is no action, don’t let it go and let them distract us!

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Our vote is our most powerful tool. Remember that image forever written in my mind and heart of that freshman student cowering on the floor holding the phone to record the sound of friends being massacred. His hope that if he didn’t survive, there would be evidence of the anguish he had endured.

It is time to take our power back! We each must answer the question, “What am I going to do for our future and act on it!”

Diana Pataki, Hadley

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