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Letter to the editor: Watch our congresswoman show off her dance moves

Letter to the editor: Watch our congresswoman show off her dance moves



It’s a little-known but verifiable fact that our fearless Congresswoman Stefanik is a highly regarded, professional-level dancer. She can appropriately be compared to the character Elaine of Seinfeld fame. I mention this because, over the next year or so, she may find it necessary to exhibit all of her talent on what is usually called the national stage.

She and many of her colleagues have already worked through the intricate calculus of deciding how to separate themselves from the grip of a raving lunatic, our former president. Even though the Donald has done a masterful job of dismantling what was once the Republican Party —the party of Lincoln,Teddy Roosevelt, and Reagan — there remains the tricky business of how to deal with the mess.

That’s where the art of the dance comes in. While the stagehands are busy backstage, the faithful need to be distracted up front. But I invite one and all to watch carefully what will be, to say the least, an amazing feat (?) of political artfulness.

Imagine a statue topped by an orange toupee, center stage. As the more appealing dancers swirl across our short attention spans, and as time passes, the voice-over mentions the pathetic Donnie’s name in gradually diminishing tones and at longer intervals.

The dancers who once knelt before him move further and further away from the icon. Silence. One by one, the dancers breathe a sigh of relief. Exeunt.

Jim O’Hara, Glens Falls


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