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Letter to the editor: Vote for Tedra Cobb, she has a heart

Letter to the editor: Vote for Tedra Cobb, she has a heart



Pinocchio bags. He places the soft plums above hard cans and boxes. He is careful.

Pinocchio is proud to be an essential employee at Hannaford!

He’s glad to even have a job. So many of his friends are out of work while the president gripes and twitters his thumbs. Is HE essential, Pinocchio wonders?

Pinocchio gave up lying long ago. He doesn’t want his nose to grow and poke a hole through his mask!

Besides, he knows that lying is wrong. Why hasn't his secret sister Elise Stefanik learned that?

Elise says one thing to make herself seem kind and caring. Then she votes the opposite way!

She talks out of both sides of her mouth! Watch her, she’s like a ventriloquist!

She says she wants to lower prescription drug costs, but then she votes against that!

She says she will protect people with pre-existing health conditions. Then she votes against that!

Which really worries Pinocchio. He was born of wood. Geppetto made him with love, but wood was all he had. Pinocchio still has to have splinters pulled sometimes. And private insurance won’t cover that. Thank goodness for the Affordable Care Act! Which Elise has voted and sued to repeal over and over and over again. And never taken the time to build anything better. She only takes time to complain.

But Elise should be worried, too. She was born without a heart! Just wait till she tries to get one installed, and the insurance company tells her she’s not covered!

But this Pinocchio knows is true: Tedra Cobb has a heart. And he's going to vote for her!

Catherine Fay Roberts, Schuylerville


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