Does anyone have answers to the following questions? South Glens Falls water tower, all the dirt is below the center of the tank. Would a slanted walkway around the middle of the tank, which can be used for many things, prevent the dirt from accumulating as our home gutters do?

Trump, excuse me, President Trump wants a wall. Why doesn't he ask Finch Paper if he can have some logs to build it? Question is, why does Finch have all those logs?

Next, after two to three years, why hasn't the manhole on the corner of Saratoga Avenue and Harrison Avenue, South Glens Falls been taken care of to stop the loud, sleep annoying noise when vehicles go over it? Also, the cracks on our inside walls don't help the old couple to enjoy their days.

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Our South Glens Falls parade will be here in a couple of months. People have said that they don't like being there at 8 a.m. and not participating until 1 p.m. or later. How about arranging the time so long hours are not needed for smaller groups and vehicles.

To close this letter on a good thought, it gives my heart a feeling of respect and remembrance when I visit my family and friends who have passed away and are in Pine View, St. Alphonsus, St. Mary's, Southside, St. Georges and Bay St. cemeteries. Thousands of flags in those cemeteries show that they are not forgotten. The lady says, “It is in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live."

Kenneth R. Williams, South Glens Falls

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