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Letter to the editor: Trump's surrender created chaos


Recently the Glens Falls Chronicle editorialized a diatribe against the president of the United States. I made a pointed but unpublishable rebuttal.

One refutation, however, warrants publication in the Chronicle’s circulation area. That is the assertion that President Biden irresponsibly abandoned the mission in Afghanistan, and directly "jeopardized Americans, our allies and countless Afghans who trusted us."

Those of us who live in the shadow of Fort William Henry know full well that the time to negotiate the safe passage for the withdrawal of forces, civilians and materials is at the time of surrender. We also know that notwithstanding the good faith negotiations of honorable combatants, bad things may happen.

The dishonorable, twice-impeached, former president, Donald J. Trump, unconditionally surrendered to the Taliban without making any provisions for the safe conduct and withdrawal of forces, allies, American civilians and the “countless Afghans who trusted us,” never mind his abandonment of arms and materials to the enemy.

The dishonorable, former secretary of state, Michael Pompeo, prematurely legitimized the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, thereby condemning American forces as invaders, and their Afghan collaborators as traitors, all the while releasing from Afghan prisons as many as 5,000 ISIS and other terrorists to prey upon them.

President Biden prudently, militarily occupied and fortified the Kabul Airport to provide a safe and secure means for the Afghan withdrawal, which he has adroitly and logistically handled, despite the crush of humanity fleeing the dangers Pompeo unleashed upon them, and despite having his hands tied by Trump’s unconditional surrender.

Thanks to the skillful administration of President Biden, the withdrawal from Afghanistan will not have the horrible consequences of the withdrawal from Fort William Henry, notwithstanding Trump’s treasonous surrender.

Edward Pontacoloni, Lake George


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