Shame on Deadbeat Donald. You have the blood of innocents on your hands. One of your white nationalist immigrant haters has responded in El Paso to your dog whistles. Your support for racism does have a price.

Deadbeat Donald and Moscow Mitch refuse to allow common sense gun safety legislation and the lives of more innocent victims continue to be cut short. But keep those NRA contributions coming!

Back home, I was shocked and dismayed at the recent comments from Deadbeat Donald’s supporters at a “rally” in Hudson Falls. Sadly, his supporters are hooked on a failed reality TV actor who spouts platitudes and promises. They heard and believed the promises, but forgot to look for results.

One supporter said she liked the jobs that have come back under Trump. What jobs? Tell that to the thousands of auto workers about to lose their jobs or the thousands who thought they would get a Foxconn job. One said Trump did a lot for black Americans in NYC ... like refuse to rent them apartments? Like urging the execution of the innocent Central Park Five? One liked Trump cutting regulations. Great! We’ll soon have a return to acid rain and more dirty air and polluted water. We’ll sell off our national parks and start drilling in the Arctic. Trump has even protected pesticides that he knows harms our children.

Many of Trump’s supporters actually think that Trump and Moscow Mitch want to give them better health care rather than rip it away. And they think that they benefit from the tax cuts that really went to the richest of the rich. And that China is actually paying for the tariffs rather than you and me.

The reality TV guy has suckered his audience again.

Al Muench, Chestertown

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