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Trump is publicly denouncing all that is law and order when it pertains to him. He has made his intent clear about those of all other colors and anyone who opposes him. He is void of empathy for dreamers and has no real intent to help them.

I am greatly concerned for our country when it is so clear that he is demonizing all branches of (normal) government except his crony Republican few and the military, then making dangerously derogatory comments about Democrats, death and treasonous behavior with a crowd of military standing behind him. Truly frightening! This sends exactly the message that he intends to send to U.S. and the world. He is our supreme leader and all should applaud, obey and praise him, all the while he is being investigated for the highest crimes in our government and pointing the finger at everyone who disagrees with him.

This is the mindset of a megalomaniac with intent to dominate a government that needs his divine intervention to function appropriately, an autocrat who means to overthrow our system of government via his great military force. And now he wants a great military parade to demonstrate his power and awesome leadership, something he has not achieved in any way, shape or form. He is America’s great divide! We are not a military state and we are not a Putin democracy where one man controls all!

We must not allow this shameless display (the military parade) of false leadership by a cheater, a liar, a bully and the single greatest disgrace to our country — ever!

David Corlew Jr., Queensbury