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So our draft dodger in chief has morphed from a late night joke into a national menace whose abject cruelty is matched only by the vastness of his ignorance. As I write, more than 800,000 workers, support staff, businesses large and small will not be paid. TSA, Air Traffic Control, the IRS, and so many more agencies are at a standstill. Feeding the family, paying the car payment, paying the rent or mortgage will become impossible, and the Trumpster just pouts and puffs himself up like Mussolini and doesn’t care. This as his staff, cabinet members, etc. get a $10,000 raise. Make America broke again.

Now he wants to declare a national emergency and become the dictator he always wanted to be. He thinks he can then borrow, spend, build, take thousands of miles of private land, use the Army like a chain gang, drive the already record national debt even higher, and nobody (he thinks) can stop him. This will presumably come at the same time he closes the entire southern border to any and all traffic causing a depression like no other. Maybe when there are no big, beautiful Mexican raspberries at the White House breakfast table he will wake up.

The cult of Trump stands silently by as this cancer on the body politic grows exponentially. Any attempt from the yellow-haired master of chaos to be remotely reasonable results in a beat down by the Queen of Mean Ann Coulter and the blowhards of Fox News, and he puts his tail between his chubby legs and retreats to his house of lies and plays what the Russians like to call “the perfect fool.”

Well what are we to expect from the man who states ecstatically that he fell in love with Kim Jong Un.

William Martin, Glens Falls

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