Impeachment — it is very unfortunate that many good people believe Trump's lies. If you observe Trump objectively, you will see a very insecure person. He has all the characteristics of the classic spoiled brat. He is a bully, liar, con man who attacks and tantrums to intimidate. If that doesn't work he plays the victim and tries to get sympathy. What we know: Trump went bankrupt six times. In 2008, when no one would lend him any more money, he was bailed out by the Russians ($300 million). If you saw Trump and Putin in Helsinki, you know that the Russians own him. The Russians (Putin) wanted Trump to be president. Fox News, which is owned by a foreign billionaire, wanted Trump to be president. Fox News has as much influence over Trump as the Russians. Trump loves dictators. He admires Putin, a psychopath who has his opponents killed or put in prison. Trump has said he loves Kim Jung Un, who has had many people killed, including his own brother.

Trump's “giveaway” when he accuses others of treason; he is deflecting attention from what he has already done. Trump is doing what Putin wants, weakening America, causing confusion and division and weakening our allies. Trump is the traitor. If someone tells you they are a stable genius, they are neither stable nor a genius. Two of Trump's cabinet members said he was a moron and idiot when they left. Trump wants to stay in power and would like to be a dictator; he is already suggesting that he remain in office 16 years. If Trump survives impeachment, women will see him as he is, a rich spoiled brat, and will be a big factor in removing him from office and saving our Democratic nation. Thanks for listening.

David Dumas, Hudson Falls

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