I would like to point out that you are misleading the public, again. 

Criminal trespass is a crime. These middle aged trespassers intentionally entered and remained on someone else's property when asked to leave. You can be guilty if you stay in a public space after it closes or fail to leave when asked. Sidewalks are public, but buildings and parking lots are private.

Only the government can file criminal charges. Once the police are involved and charges are filed, the district attorney, not Stefanik, is the only one that can drop charges.

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This case has nothing to do with free speech. It has everything to do with knowingly, willingly and knowledgeably staying at a private place when asked to leave. By the way, these protestors know that this is a crime because the liberal groups that advise them know it too.

Bill Bombard, Queensbury

Editor’s note: The editorial clearly pointed out that the charges could have been avoided if Rep. Elise Stefanik had simply agreed to talk with the small group, instead of calling the police. It did not say the charges were not warranted.

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