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Letter to the editor: Treason taking place right now

Letter to the editor: Treason taking place right now



Two men at the peak of their careers made a calculated decision putting greed, ambition and personal redemption before the welfare of their country. Both had ties to New York. One has a monument of only his boot in the Saratoga National Park. The inscription the below it reads, “In memory of the most brilliant soldier in the Continental Army who was wounded on this spot, Winning for his countryman the decisive battle of the American Revolution and for himself the rank of Major General.”

The soldier was a major general in the Continental Army in the fledgling American Republic. Newly appointed head of the Citadel at West Point and American forts south to the British lines in Westchester. The other is the 45th President of the United States who has been known to hug the flag as a symbol of his love for his country.

The history of the first is well known. The treason detailed in his correspondence was self-admitted. He fled from his post as commandant of West Point fearing for his life just before a scheduled inspection by his commander, Gen. George Washington. The major general abandoned his hysterical wife to face the consequences of his betrayal.

The most recent treason is just unfolding in plain sight and in constant barrage of tweets.

An American president could be a well-financed stooge or agent of Russian president and former KGB East German field agent Vladimir Putin. The Trump-Russian connection has been ongoing for at least two decades and as documented by Malcom Nance in his recent book “Plot to Betray America.” The Mueller Report too details connections between “Party A” (President Trump), his campaign and Russian agents.

Denis Foley, Saratoga Springs


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